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2.1 Product Development
Products can captivate customers and propel an organization to greater success, or they can result in wasted investments that cripple an organization for years. A product's success depends on
2.3 Product Ownership Analysis
Product Ownership Analysis (POA) is a researched and studied discipline, with a set of practices, processes, and procedures to create successful outcomes.
2.5 Product Ownership Analysis Framework
The POA Framework focuses on key concepts, principles, and practices that help practitioners deliver successful products. The seven domains provide guidance for a team to maximize the value
5.3 Engage the Whole Team
The common perception is that only the “delivery team” is responsible for building the product. However, effective POA acknowledges how critical the engagement and collaboration of customers and
5.4 Make an Impact
Every organization emphasizes its desire to make an impact. The organization's vision guides its values and culture. This is established at conception. However, the expression of it can change
5.6 Learn Fast
Speed and innovation are the two areas in the product landscape that differentiate a successful product. Customers have a lot of options. If a product cannot deliver value at the rate of change
5.7 Obsess About Value
Product development and innovation are usually hard and complex. When new products are built, with each iteration the team must consider:
5.5.1 Plan Delivery
Agile delivery is a business strategy that creates value through fast feedback and short decision cycles. Planning is an activity that is a big part of the Product Owner's role and adopting