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6.10 Job Stories
Job stories are used to represent a product backlog item (PBI) or requirement, in terms of a job to be done, by a stakeholder.
6.21 Reviews
Reviews are used to demonstrate and inspect an increment of the solution with stakeholders to elicit feedback to determine if the solution being developed aligns with the need.
10.44 State Modelling
An entity is an object or concept within a system. An entity may be used in several processes. The life cycle of every entity has a beginning and an end.
5.3.2 Engage & Empower
Providing the product team with the confidence that their work contributes to something meaningful and valuable is important. It assures them they can do their job well.
5.1 Apply Foundational Concepts
Organizations must vie for customers' attention in a competitive landscape. Customer expectations have increased, making it harder to maintain customer loyalty. Organizations are challenged with
10.40 Root Cause Analysis
Root cause analysis is a systematic examination of a problem or situation that focuses on the problem's origin as the proper point of correction rather than dealing only with its effects.
5.5.2 Product Delivery
Business stakeholders may not know what to expect from product delivery. Unexpected changes can occur frequently due to the nature of validated learning. Continuous communication by the Product
3.2 Integrating Agile Business Analysis and POA
POA is a discipline that realizes the core principle of agile business analysis in product development, while applying agility at all levels, from product vision to daily work plans.
9.5  Interaction Skills
Interaction skills are represented by the business analyst's ability to relate, cooperate, and communicate with different kinds of people including executives, sponsors, colleagues, team