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2.5 The Business Analysis Core Concept Model ™
The Business Analysis Core Concept Model™ (BACCM™) provides a conceptual framework for business analysis that is comprised of six terms that have a common meaning to all business analysis
10.33 Prioritization
Prioritization is a process used to determine the relative importance of business analysis information. The importance may be based on value, risk, difficulty of implementation, or other
10.19 Estimation
Estimation is used by business analysts and other stakeholders to forecast the cost and effort involved in pursuing a course of action.
5.1  Trace Requirements
The purpose of Trace Requirements is to ensure that requirements and designs at different levels are aligned to one another, and to manage the effects of change to one level on related
7.5 Kano Analysis
Kano Analysis is used to understand which product characteristics or qualities will prove to be a significant differentiator in the marketplace and help to drive customer satisfaction.
10.5 Brainstorming
The aim of brainstorming is to produce numerous new ideas, and to derive from them themes for further analysis.
6.2  Define Future State
The purpose of Define Future State is to determine the set of necessary conditions to meet the business need.