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10.29 Mind Mapping
Mind mapping is a form of note taking that captures thoughts, ideas, and information in a non-linear diagram.
10.35 Process Modelling
Process models describe the sequential flow of work or activities. A business process model describes the sequential flow of work across defined tasks and activities through an enterprise or part
10.40 Root Cause Analysis
Root cause analysis is a systematic examination of a problem or situation that focuses on the problem's origin as the proper point of correction rather than dealing only with its effects.
10.41 Scope Modelling
Scope models are commonly used to describe the boundaries of control, change, a solution, or a need.
10.42 Sequence Diagrams
A sequence diagram shows how processes or objects interact during a scenario. The classes required to execute the scenario and the messages they pass to one another (triggered by steps in the use
10.46 SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is used to identify the overall state of an organization both internally and externally.
10.48 User Stories
User stories capture the needs of a specific stakeholder and enable teams to define features of value to a stakeholder using short, simple documentation.
Stakeholder Analysis
Stakeholders are the people impacted by the change your initiative will produce. Stakeholders need to be: identified so you have the representation you need; analyzed to understand their
5.5 Feedback and Learning
Decisions made in the Initiative Horizon provide feedback to the Strategy Horizon in terms of changes in the solution that may impact other initiatives currently underway in the organization.