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5.4 Time Frame
The Initiative Horizon involves looking into the mid-term future compared to the Strategy and Delivery Horizons. What mid-term means depends on the organization and the context in which it is
2.4 Stakeholders
Each task includes a list of stakeholders who are likely to participate in the execution of that task or who will be affected by it. A stakeholder is an individual or group that a business analyst
3.17 Survey and Questionnaire
A survey or questionnaire is used to elicit information including information about customers, products, work practices, and attitudes from a group of people in a structured way and in a
10.44 State Modelling
An entity is an object or concept within a system. An entity may be used in several processes. The life cycle of every entity has a beginning and an end.
7.7 Personas
Personas are used to understand and empathize with an intended stakeholder in order to align the solution with the stakeholder need.