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7.4  Define Requirements Architecture
The purpose of Define Requirements Architecture is to ensure that the requirements collectively support one another to fully achieve the objectives.
8.2  Analyze Performance Measures
The purpose of Analyze Performance Measures is to provide insights into the performance of a solution in relation to the value it brings.
8.5  Recommend Actions to Increase Solution Value
The purpose of Recommend Actions to Increase Solution Value is to understand the factors that create differences between potential value and actual value, and to recommend a course of action to
10.7 Business Cases
A business case provides a justification for a course of action based on the benefits to be realized by using the proposed solution, as compared to the cost, effort, and other considerations to
10.13 Data Flow Diagrams
Data flow diagrams show where data comes from, which activities process the data, and if the output results are stored or utilized by another activity or external entity.
10.25 Interviews
An interview is a systematic approach designed to elicit business analysis information from a person or group of people by talking to the interviewee(s), asking relevant questions, and
10.26 Item Tracking
Item tracking is used to capture and assign responsibility for issues and stakeholder concerns that pose an impact to the solution.
10.27 Lessons Learned
The purpose of the lessons learned process is to compile and document successes, opportunities for improvement, failures, and recommendations for improving the performance of future projects or