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2.3 Applying the Agile Mindset
The ideas that inform the agile mindset were not new when they were synthesized into agile software development. As people practiced, spread, and refined these ideas, they found that the ideas can
3.9 Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
Descriptive statistics derive information about the population under study. Inferential statistics helps to assess information about a sample of the population and make informed generalizations.
3.3 Concept Modelling
A concept model is used to organize the business vocabulary needed to communicate the knowledge of a domain consistently and thoroughly.
7.8 Planning Workshops
Planning Workshops are used to determine what value can be delivered over an agreed time period.
3.6 Data Mapping
Data mapping is used to consolidate data from one or more sources to a destination to create a meaningful set of data with a standardized format. This ensures that data can be accessed and used
6.4 Time Frames
At the Delivery Horizon, planning focuses on the day-to-day delivery of backlog items. Agile delivery teams plan on a very short-term basis. What short-term means depends on the organization and
3.14 Optimization
Business decisions are often based on some amount of uncertainty regarding the outcome. Optimization can be described as choosing the best possible option among multiple available options under