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IIBA Guide to Online Proctored Exams.pdf
Les examens ®'IIBA sont offerts dans un cadre surveillé à distance en ligne. Passer un examen en ligne offre une expérience entièrement numérique dans le confort
3.2 Business Visualizations
Business visualizations are used to communicate insights drawn from data with business stakeholders. They differ from technical visualizations which are aids for the analytics professionals to
2.1 What is an Agile Mindset?
The agile mindset is based on a common core of human values that include respect, courage, collaboration, continuous learning, customer focus, and value maximization.
3.1 Overview of the Three Horizons
The Strategy Horizon refers to the decisions that impact the entire organization. Business analysis practitioners operating at this horizon support decisions about strategy and the allocation of
4.2 Description
Value is created at the Strategy Horizon through understanding and achieving the business’ goals. Business goals change; consumer tastes change; competitors create disruptive technology;