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10.33 Prioritization
Prioritization is a process used to determine the relative importance of business analysis information. The importance may be based on value, risk, difficulty of implementation, or other
10.37 Reviews
Different types of reviews are conducted for business analysis work products. Each is tailored to the needs of the organization and business analyst, and uses
6.1 Backlog Refinement
Backlog refinement is used to ensure that there is sufficient detail and clarity for items in the backlog so that the delivery team can complete an iteration.
6.3 Collaborative Games
Collaborative games encourage participants to collectively build shared understanding, trust, and team spirit. These games can be used for:
6.5 Decision Modelling and Analysis
Decision modelling shows how repeatable business decisions are made. Decision analysis formally assesses a problem and possible decisions to determine the value of alternate outcomes under
6.8 Focus Groups
A focus group is used to elicit ideas and opinions about a specific product, service, or opportunity, in an interactive group environment. The participants, guided by a moderator, share their
5.2.2 Apply Customer Learnings
Several ideas and opportunities emerge from these activities. It is tempting to start to chase those ideas and to build something amazing for the customer that they have come to care about.
Key Concepts
The Business Analysis Key Concepts chapter includes information that provides a foundation for all other content, concepts, and ideas within the BABOK® Guide. It provides business analysts with
5.2 Cultivate Customer Intimacy
Customer intimacy centres on knowing people. Cultivating it takes deep attention to identify what customers' value, dedication, and passion.