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10.42 Sequence Diagrams
A sequence diagram shows how processes or objects interact during a scenario. The classes required to execute the scenario and the messages they pass to one another (triggered by steps in the use
10.29 Mind Mapping
Mind mapping is a form of note taking that captures thoughts, ideas, and information in a non-linear diagram. Mind maps use images, words, colour, and connected relationships to apply structure
10.26 Item Tracking
Item tracking is used to capture and assign responsibility for issues and stakeholder concerns that pose an impact to the solution.
The Process of Decision Making
You don't have a decision until you have options. We live in a world of imperfect information and even our most informed decisions are going to be realized within a framework of uncertainty
Nurturing the BA Ecosystem
Nurturing the BA Ecosystem The BA ecosystem embraces different disciplines, insights and perspectives. To remain sustainable and competitive in today’s marketplace, business analysis will
Career Development
Your career is your vehicle for success, now and for the future. You and you alone are the driver of your own success and to be successful, you need to have a realistic plan you're committed to,
What is Business Analysis?
Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders. The set of tasks and techniques
IIBA Global Mentoring Program
IIBA Global Mentoring Program Brenda (Bren) Stone, Chapter and Volunteer Administrator There is regular recognition of continuing Chapter leadership issues that take many forms - with many root
A New Year, An Expanded Social Media
A New Year, An Expanded Social Media By Judy Alter, Chair of Global Chapter Council, IIBA It is hard to believe we are almost through January. A new year is like a blank canvas and is always a