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The BA As A Leader
The BA as a Leader Ken Fulmer, President and CEO, IIBA One common thing we often hear is that BAs are under appreciated. We typically do not sign purchase orders, and we do not manage teams of
Real Words that Work: Emails
Don’t get sucked into email anger. Let’s all make a spring resolution to take the high road even if others don’t.
Companies no longer have to be convinced they need to think digital, but they need to understand “HOW”. For being successful in the digital world, the inevitable fusion of business strategy and
11.2.1 Change Scope
A key objective of a business intelligence system is the consistent definition and usage of information throughout an organization by establishing a 'single point of truth' for diverse business
10.31 Observation
Observation of activities, also known as job shadowing, involves examining a work activity firsthand as it is performed. It can be conducted in either natural work environments or specially
10.44 State Modelling
An entity is an object or concept within a system. An entity may be used in several processes. The life cycle of every entity has a beginning and an end. In a state model (also sometimes called a
10.32 Organizational Modelling
An organizational model defines how an organization or organizational unit is structured. The purpose of an organizational unit is to bring together a group of people to fulfill a common purpose.