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Appendix B: Techniques to Task Mapping
Appendix B: Techniques to Task Mapping - The following table shows each BABOK® Guide task in which the technique is included in the Techniques section. This mapping is provided for reference
9.2  Behavioural Characteristics
Behavioural characteristics are not unique to business analysis but they have been found to increase personal effectiveness in the practice of business analysis. These characteristics exist at
10.37 Reviews
Different types of reviews are conducted for business analysis work products. Each is tailored to the needs of the organization and business analyst, and uses
11.5.2 Business Analysis Scope
11.5.2 Business Analysis Scope .1   Change Sponsor Enterprise-wide BPM initiatives are typically started by executives focusing on value and outcomes and then linking these strategic objectives
The Rapid Business Case
The Rapid Business Case Business cases exist to help decision makers make informed decisions, and take action. They are not always large, complex documents developed through a time-consuming,
In the life of a BA
Stories about business analysis practitioners for business analysis practitioners. Business analysis case study examples and solutions correspond to the various aspects of business like