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4.2  Conduct Elicitation
The purpose of Conduct Elicitation is to draw out, explore, and identify information relevant to the change.
5.5  Approve Requirements
The purpose of Approve Requirements is to obtain agreement on and approval of requirements and designs for business analysis work to continue and/or solution construction to proceed.
7.2  Verify Requirements
The purpose of Verify Requirements is to ensure that requirements and designs specifications and models meet quality standards and are usable for the purpose they serve.
4.3 Confirm Elicitation Results
The purpose of Confirm Elicitation Results is to check the information gathered during an elicitation session for accuracy and consistency with other information.
2.5 Requirements and Designs
Eliciting, analyzing, validating, and managing requirements have consistently been recognized as key activities of business analysis. However, it is important to recognize that business analysts
IIBA® was founded in Toronto, Canada in October of 2003 to support the business analysis community by: creating and developing awareness and recognition of the value and contribution of the
Tips To Streamline Vendor Assessment
Typically, when your company requires a solution that can’t be created internally, you start looking for an external vendor. How can you ensure your company chooses the right vendor and avoids
10.12 Data Dictionary
A data dictionary is used to standardize a definition of a data element and enable a common interpretation of data elements.