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Find articles on better writing, becoming a better BA professional, business analysis practices, career development, and organizational practices in our main articles section. View our featured
Creating Greater Value
Creating Greater Value Ken Fulmer, President & CEO, IIBA At IIBA® we have been focused on improving the value proposition for all our stakeholders this year including launching new EEP™
Transition Requirements
Transition Requirements Description During this webinar we will compare and contrast the transition requirements with other types of requirements such as business requirements, stakeholder
Essential Elicitation Tips
The art of elicitation is frequently underestimated! Not everyone can elicit information efficiently – that is, to extract what information is really important and useful to meet objectives.
Breaking Down Silos | Building Collaboration
Breaking Down Silos | Building Collaboration By Paula Bell, CBAP In our everyday lives, breaking habits is really tough to do. We have to see the value in the change and have a strong commitment
Tips To Streamline Vendor Assessment
Typically, when your company requires a solution that can’t be created internally, you start looking for an external vendor. How can you ensure your company chooses the right vendor and avoids
How to Write Use Cases for Batch Processes
How to Write Use Cases for Batch Processes By Maria Amuchastegui Why write use cases? If you’ve worked for any length of time as a BA, you’ve probably been asked to write a use case