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2017-04-13 Secrets of a Thoroughbred Leader
Secrets of a Thoroughbred Leader...Are You One? A critical component for a business analyst’s success is often times their ability to build and sustain a high performing team. To make matters
2017-03-17 Business Analytics Statistics Part 2
Business Analytics - What is Statistics Part 2 - Survey Questionnaire Design   It is easy to suggest a question that could be added to a survey. It is significantly more complex to design a
2017-05-24 360 Degree Leader Module 4
Leadership Series - The 360 Degree Leader: Module 4 - Principles to Lead Down IIBA® has passionate volunteers who continue to be a guiding vision of what it looks like to be a leader. They
2017-03-27 Strategy the Crucial Enabler
Strategy: The Crucial Enabler Presented by Adrian Reed, Principal Consultant / Business Analyst, Blackmetric Business Solutions     The words "strategy" and "strategic"
2017-06-07 360 Degree Leader Module 5
Leadership Series - The 360 Degree Leader: Module 5 - Values of 360 Degree Leaders & Creating an Environment that Unleashes 360 Degree Leaders Session summary: Significance of developing a
Forming a Dream Team of Leaders
Member Exclusive: IIBA Leadership Series: Developing the Leaders Around You - Module 4 - Forming a Dream Team of Leaders and Coaching Judy Alter CBAP, Chair, IIBA Global Chapter Council August
Vision and Values
Defining the Future: A New Path for IIBA – connects our core purpose to unite a community of professionals to create better business outcomes to our strategic plan for 2018-2020. This research