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Presented by Michael Boyle, Procurro Solutions

What value do your projects have if the value of your deliverables is not meeting the expectations of your stakeholders? Could it be that the problem lies in the predictive approach we have in meeting the customer needs after deployment?
In this webinar, Michael Boyle, CBAP describes what agile service delivery is, what challenge it addresses, the conditions required for its proper deployment and how it works. Michael will also provide some examples of tools and techniques used and what kind of results you can expect in using this approach.
Participants will learn:
• What agile service delivery is
• When you can deploy this technique....and when you can't
• How to assess the organization to see if the approach will bring value
• New tools and techniques so that you can perform your duties better
• A new way of ensuring benefits realization after deployment

• Learn the importance of Agile Service Delivery
• Learn an alternative view of the Business Analysis role
• Understand the shift from documentation to facilitation
• Understand the importance of empowerment and accountability of your key stakeholders
• Learn methods to create processes that are more goal-oriented.

About the Presenter:
Acting very often as the bridge between the business and IT, Michael has thrived in working for various global organizations, allowing for the opportunity to work with people on 5 continents. Michael heads Procurro Solutions, an organization focusing on Business Analysis, Agile Frameworks (Agile, Scrum, Lean & Kanban) and Project Management for both medium and large-sized multinational organizations. Originally from Los Angeles, he has been living in Vienna for the last 28 years and brings over 30 years of experience as a manager, trainer, coach, consultant, and practitioner, both regionally and globally. Michael loves to build and flourishes under uncertainty; he excels in addressing the most wicked of problems with the intention of coming up with solution that addresses the root cause and is acceptable for all key stakeholders.