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Using Process Management and Improvement

In this webinar will explain how to:

  • Tie process management to organizational strategy,
  • Use process management as a foundation of good decision making, change management, and governance, and
  • Increase efficiency and value optimization throughout the organization.


Process management helps to provide a line of sight from strategy through execution of organizational initiatives. Akin to the business analysis (BA) requirements discipline, this traceability enables performance maturity, better communication, clearer roles and responsibilities, and good governance. Clarification of problems or opportunities for improvement is integral to business analysis and process management. In each, you must elicit and clearly state a specific problem that quantifiably affects business/operation and that ultimately matters to your customers. Process management is

An integral part of business analysis, implementation, improvement, and sustainability: Solves problems, and Expedites risk identification, mitigation, and impact.

The Speaker

Mark Barnett, PhD, MBA is Senior Executive Consultant, at Robbins-Gioia, LLC. He has more than 15 years of experience leading complex business transformations within multiple industries, including oil & gas, high-tech R&D and manufacturing, telecommunications, and insurance and financial services. Mark recently served as RG's engagement lead at one of the premier international oil & gas upstream products and services companies, implementing a common new product development framework across 10 business units. He is also a thought leader in the area of Customer Experience Management, transforming organizations to place customers at the center of everything they do, leading to increased revenue, improved service quality, and reduced operating cost.