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From Idea to Production — Continuous Development Starts With an Idea, Not After Testing is Finished!

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From Idea to Production — Continuous Development Starts With an Idea, Not After Testing is Finished!

This webinar will draw on a new approach which is helping a global financial services company drive down real costs in software development by almost 30%. It will illustrate how it is possible to build extremely accurate requirements and test cases that can be understood by the user, programmers and testers. The webinar will explain how you use mathematical techniques to break processes down into clear smaller logical unambiguous requirements that can drive higher quality and faster development. The presentation will show how Agile Designer can be used to calculate accurate development metrics and build matching test data.

The Speaker: Huw Price, Managing Director, Grid-Tools

Award-winning Huw Price has been the lead technical architect for several US and European software companies over the last 30 years. He is now Managing Director of Grid-Tools, the leading test data management vendorand Chief Technical Architect at Agile Designer. Huw has been guest speaker at many UK and International conferences including Oracle, HP, Star East and the IIBA's UK Chapter.

Our vendor is Grid-Tools.

About Grid-Tools:
Our innovative approaches to test case design and test data management have enabled our clients to radically improve how they test and develop new applications. With offices in Oxford and New York and a global network of sales and delivery partners our personnel have implemented solutions for some of the largest financial, government and telecom institutions. Our senior consultants have over 30 years’ experience in delivering innovative and market-leading solutions for testing and QA in software development projects. This means that we know the challenges our customers face and, by understanding of the science of testing, how to solve them.