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5 Steps to Future-Proof your Business Analysis Career | Public Webinar | Questions & Answers

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IIBA’s recent public webinar, 5 Steps to Future Proof Your Business Analysis Career with panelists Cate Murray, Erica Wood, and Danelkis Serra covering a lot of questions about how you can excel in your business analysis career! , how can you adapt to the current situation, while advancing your career towards an unknowable future? From remote work, to stronger domestic supply chains, the disruptions to the economy have made career planning difficult, no matter your industry.

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1. How about RPA? Is it trending?

Yes, we have seen an increase in overall AI and automation projects, including RPA. We’ve even done multiple RPA projects at Apex to automate processes, build out chatbots, and more. A basic understanding of AI, Intelligent Automation, RPA, and specific use cases in these areas would be highly beneficial! We’ve hosted a couple webinars around RPA and AI Chatbot Use Cases, which folks in North America can access at If outside of North America and you want these one-hour webinars, send Erica a LinkedIn message and she’ll send!


2. Can I connect with the presenters so that we can reach if we have any questions or want to connect?

Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn! Cate Murray and Erica Woods.


3. Could you share the ‘Business Analysis Today’ graphic?

You can find it on our About Us section of


4. Where could I find more resources like the Career Action Guide?

IIBA Members can access the Career Action Guide here.  

For additional related Member benefits, go to the Member Benefits page. We’d highlight:  

Non-Members can preview a list of Member Benefits here. 


5. there one in North Carolina? I work at UNC Greensboro... 

There are 130+ TechSoup Tech4Good groups across the world. If you are associated with a 501c3 nonprofit, encourage them to check out 1.) TechSoup and 2.) NetSquared groups. If you’re interested in getting involved as a volunteer, join the closest Meetup group. You can find groups at there isn’t a group by you and this idea is really compelling to you, here’s an article Erica wrote on her experience launching a Tech4Good group -


6. Where can I find the "Find Your Voice" panel discussion?

Follow this link for the Find Your Voice Panel Discussion. 


7. Is there a future or emerging current need for Cybersecurity Business Analysis skills? What is the value/need in the market for cybersecurity and the Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis (IIBA®- CCA) overall? I'm finding the role I was just moved to on a project is drawing from that course.

Yes, we are seeing a growing need for Cybersecurity Business Analysis skills. We had a recent blog on four trends business analysis professionals should be aware of that might be helpful. With the need for Cybersecurity growing, we’ve worked with IEEE to create our cybersecurity analysis learning modules so you can understand cybersecurity within the business analysis context, while showing your competency with our globally-recognized cybersecurity certification. 


8. How can I connect with a Chapter? What if I don’t have a local Chapter or they aren’t very close?

View our Chapter Directory to find your local chapter and become a Member.  

You can start your own local Chapter with our start-up kit. Let us know if you’re interested and contact with the subject line ‘Inquiry - Starting A Local Chapter’ 

Many of our Chapters have virtual events, too, so you don’t need to commute: you can view them on our events calendar once you log in. 


9. I’m interested in transitioning to a BA role in the US from the UK: How common are Agile teams, what programs are used, and what sort of salary ranges could I expect to earn?

A business analysis role in the USA and the UK have many transferrable skills 

  • If you are interested in regional data for business analysis including salaries and skills relevant to the North American market, take a look at our Annual IIBA Global Business Analysis Salary Survey: it gives detailed information about the state of business analysis. 
  • IIBA's certifications in business analysis are well-respected and highly recognized in North America in particular. Our CBAPis mentioned in numerous job postings and relevant for the experienced BA.  
  • Here's an article speaking to several the skills and programs used by corporations globally and in North America - this should help in understanding some transferrable skills and programs across the world. 


10. How does an IIBA Certification help me get a job?

IIBA Certifications are globally recognized and uphold the standard of business analysis. We have a few articles that can show you how Certifications help you get a job:  


11. What if someone starting as second career?

If you are starting a second career as a BA, that’s a great choice! Our main advice would still stand, i.e. join a relevant community and become active as a member, attend any professional development days held by the community, and take additional online training in core concepts. We also suggest that you try identifying a pet project where you can gain more experience as a BA, such as offering to help an organization you are already involved with like a school or nonprofit, or trying to identify local efforts that might need BAs (such as some hackathons). We also would strongly encourage you to identify 3+ local BA-focused Recruiters, and then schedule a video chat with them so you can really communicate your story, your skills, your interests, and determine how many companies they support who hire Junior BAs, how often they get those types of positions, and what other advice they recommend to set yourself up as a marketable candidate!


12. What was the name of the person that speaks of body language?

Amy Cuddy! Check out her Ted Talk here. We also have a webinar coming up on ‘Body Language Hacks for Video Interviews,’ which will be relevant for anyone. You can register via our Apex Career Readiness Webinars at, or if you’re outside North America, send Erica a message to get the Zoom log-in information!  


13. Where can I find the "Find Your Voice" panel discussion?

This is one of our favorite communication, confidence, public speaking, and networking panel discussions, and would highly encourage folks watch this! Watch our ‘Find Your Voice’ panel discussion (WebEx Link for those outside North America) 


14. In regards to social media, do you gravitate towards having separate accounts to separate between personal and professional discussions?

Everyone’s social media strategy is different. Our two biggest suggestions is to make sure 1.) you have one profile (usually LinkedIn) that is a really positive professional reference for yourself that you are active with and 2.) you quickly audit every profile you have out there and ensure nothing could paint you in a negative light, your brand is consistent across the board, and the right privacy settings are set up.

Remember that your social media is accessible 24/7 and thus can be a very positive marketing technique. It also can, however, be a detractor to potential employers if there is unflattering/unprofessional content.


15. Do you have any suggestions for finding opportunities to serve on Boards? Is it the same process?

You can serve on an IIBA Board by reaching out to your local chapter to see if there are any availabilities. Sometimes, they are also posted online. Here's an example (pdf format) of a posting from 2020 from our Wisconsin chapter: [please print  for site].   

For most associations, Meetup groups, nonprofits, etc. you first need to become an active member, and then you can join the board. Get active with a group first, and make a simple offer such as “I’d like to help. What needs do you have now for volunteers? Do you have any upcoming events I could help with?” Most boards either recruit board members from their most active members, volunteers and sponsors, or end up favoring those individuals since they have firsthand knowledge of your commitment and contributions! Lastly, if you have a Volunteer/Nonprofit Association in your area, they oftentimes have Board Matching programs and/or know which nonprofits are in need of volunteers or Board members!  


16. It does sound like most Employers don't understand what Business Analysts do... thoughts?

Business Analysis means something different at every organization, but overall we do believe most organizations (at least the ones we partner with) value the Business Analysis competency and see the importance of having individuals with those skills (in whatever form or job title that may take on).


17. What was that Ted Talk that Cate mentioned?

Amy Cuddy's Ted Talk on Body Language 

Other favorites include: Shawn AchorSimon Sinek, and Brené Brown 


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