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In my role, I always appreciate hearing the views and perspectives from Members and the community at large. At IIBA®, our focus is clear – it is on business analysis and supporting our community. Our core purpose drives us each day as we work to unite the community. This year is a pivotal point in the evolution of IIBA, and I wanted to take a moment to share my view on the path ahead and how your feedback can contribute to increasing value for all global Members.
In 2015, we started the implementation of a new three-year strategic plan.This strategic plan was developed based on direct feedback provided by you, the community. Through surveys, interviews and ongoing feedback, the community spoke up and drove our new focus. At a strategic level, it provided a focus on five high-level pillars. Behind each of these priority areas, we have developed comprehensive operating plans and budgets to ensure we deliver the essential sustainable action and key initiatives required. 
In addition to the ongoing engagement with Chapters and Members, there are significant new activities underway that will support the Membership and the BA community:
  • Right now, volunteers from Chapters, educational providers, corporations, as well as individual practitioners, are providing essential feedback on the creation of the new competency-based certification program, which will be launched in September.
  • Our Education Standards and Research Team is actively working to update the IIBA Competency Model to help BAs grow their professional competencies and be more successful in their role.
  • New programs, events, presentations and support materials are being developed based on the launch of collaborative agreements with allied associations, education organizations and corporations. These new agreements to collaborate will help IIBA expand the BA ecosystem in order to create greater support, engagement and connectivity.
  • In 2016, IIBA is developing and implementing a new initiative, which will provide organizations with enterprise level BA information, resources and services to support them in achieving greater effectiveness.
  • IIBA will be undertaking additional activities to profile business analysis in order to increase the recognition and understanding of how the BA discipline contributes to organizational success.
As we embark on year 2 of our 3-year plan, our team is implementing a new increased focus on member relations.  This year, there will be significant changes made that will positively impact our Members, which include examining a new membership fee structure for global and local Members, the implementation of new staff resources in India, development of new processes and support to make it easier to start up local Chapters, and a new regionalization strategy to reach and support BA professionals in new markets around the globe.  This is just a small glimpse into our activities underway, and I look forward to engaging you directly as these initiatives are developed and implemented.
Each day, my IIBA colleagues and I focus on how we can elevate your experience as a Member. Since the inception of IIBA in 2003, the association’s actions have been driven by the Members. From the development of BABOK® Guide to the launch of our strategic plan and so many other organizational initiatives, our Members have played an essential role in providing knowledge, insight and perspective that help support and engage the global BA community.
Thank you for your continued insight and support. Your feedback is essential to push us to the next evolution. At any time, if you would like to share your views or if you have any questions, please contact our team at