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The BA ecosystem embraces different disciplines, insights and perspectives. To remain sustainable and competitive in today’s marketplace, business analysis will continue to grow and evolve as part of the BA ecosystem. Titles and roles will change and the BA network will become even more dynamic through new collaborative alliances and initiatives to further advance the BA community.
Today’s BA role is transforming; in this role, you may specialize in Agile, Waterfall, Requirements Engineering, Business Architecture, Information Technology, Business Intelligence, Scrum, or many others. To continue to build awareness and recognition with employers about the role of a BA and the value of industry recognized standards and certification, we have to tell our BA story in a compelling way, a way that everyone understands our message. While you may not have “BA” in your title, if the work you do in your role is business analysis focused, than you are a BA.
At IIBA®, we are committed to understanding how changes in the BA market affect you as a professional through our Chapter network, local and world events, Global Tours and Member feedback. Through this network, we support you on a local and broader global level, to work together to unite a worldwide BA community.
In the last nine months, IIBA has secured strategic alliances to support new opportunities in the BA community. Businesses and industry are looking for BAs to provide strategic-oriented solutions to maximize value to their stakeholders. Through our new relationships with these global organizations, we are expanding our focus and extending our reach.
IIBA is committed to being supportive, sustainable and adaptive to respond to changes, new challenges and market complexities. Thank you for your ongoing support as we work to unite and strengthen our community.