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IIBA® resources include a plethora of volunteers and we are working to help channel those volunteer skills to the greatest benefit of both the international and local communities.  
The most important question you can ask about your own volunteer service is: What impact do I hope to make? 
When you contribute your energy and knowledge to the IIBA Global team you become one of the community’s greatest assets.  Your efforts become part of IIBA and your local community story – directly contributing to sustained projects that define our future. 
Simply stated, you are a most valuable link in an endlessly renewable chain of volunteers focused on developing a community of professionals to create better business outcomes.
IIBA volunteer contributions have:
  • Helped to develop the BA profession by developing the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge®(BABOK® Guide) and standardizing BA certification
  • Local Chapter leaders provide thousands of hours of volunteer services to their local communities to provide local professional development, events and networking opportunities
  • The Volunteer Chapter Network (VCN), representing the voice of the global Chapter Community and acting as the liaison between Chapter Leaders and IIBA International, supports the Chapter Operations team, leading the Chapter Community in delivering the key messages and supporting the strategic deliverables
How can you be a part of these exciting opportunities?  
Check the Volunteering page to get involved.
Complete your Member profile
Connect with your local Chapter and ask to be a part of their volunteer team.