Skip to content Collaborating to Bring Greater Value and Recognition to the BA Community
Collaboration is a necessary component and natural evolution for the growth and success of the business analysis ecosystem. In 2015, BCS and IIBA® joined forces to increase recognition and resources to the BA community, recognizing that now is the time to expand our reach to support this evolving profession.
We know that the BA community has been waiting to discover the new value from our collaboration, and we are pleased to share some of the key areas of our focus and delivery for 2016. 
Together we’re stronger
Our alliance brings together the BA profession, creating robust relationships and a stronger voice to elevate the profile of business analysis globally.
Together, we are creating a more supportive career path model, for practitioners entering the profession through to senior BAs. We are aligning our competency models and certification programs, and integrating our thought leadership, resources and career development support. 
Setting the global standard for Business Analysis
Businesses are placing ever-greater value on certified professionals. Through our collaboration we are working with organisations to raise awareness around the value of BA certification, to increase demand from recruiters and recognition from employers. We are examining the alignment of our certifications which would provide practitioners and individuals seeking a career in business analysis greater market recognition globally and greater flexibility in making choices when managing their professional development and careers.
Together we can nurture and cultivate a network of highly skilled and highly valued BA professionals who will support their organizations by creating better business outcomes. 
Knowledge and resources
IIBA and BCS can create synergies in the academic engagement and research taking place in the field of business analysis, accelerating progress and enhancing the latest insights and best practices.
Members will leverage the combined value of our collaboration through access to more resources, information and networking opportunities as well as potential discounts on products and services from both organizations. Co-endorsement of the BABOK® Guide from IIBA and the BCS Business Analysis publications will ensure a greater number of BA professionals are leveraging industry expert recognized perspectives, which will elevate the profession.
Community engagement
We’re excited to bring BCS and IIBA Members together for events and learning opportunities. IIBA Chapter Leaders in specific cities and countries will have the opportunity to host joint events with BCS, which could include speaker engagements and networking events. By harnessing the collective thought leadership of both IIBA and BCS, we’ll advance the practice, discipline and evolution of business analysis.
Sharing a collective voice to engage government and industry will help us bring common issues to the forefront and promote the value of business analysis and certified BA professionals. By leveraging our resources, we can collect market information and work with government and businesses to create viable solutions to strategically advance the profession.
Through ongoing collaboration and a continued commitment to representing the BA community globally, we can make the practice and profession of business analysis stronger and more influential. Stay tuned…the best is yet to come!