Skip to content 2016: A Year of Impact and Value
I would like to take a moment to reflect on our progress and success achieved in 2015. Our accomplishments demonstrate a collective ability to contribute to reshaping the future of Business Analysis in the global community.  Thank you to our Members, our Chapter leaders and IIBA staff. 
2016 will be a year of impact and value as we continue to grow and develop, and implement new resources and research to bring even greater value to the BA discipline. Here is a quick snapshot of some of our activities planned for this year:
  • Over the coming months, you will be hearing more about the much anticipated multi-level Certification Program.
  • We will deliver research and learning opportunities to support the BA community.
  • New tools and resources will be provided to IIBA members and Chapters globally.
  • As well as our new Enterprise Business Analysis Core Competency (EBACC) Assessment Framework.
  • Our collaborative Chapter model pilot is in the early stages of implementation in India. This new model will provide support in more countries, adding value to the BA Community.
  • We will continue to pursue alliances with complementary associations that are part of the BA eco-system. 
All of these activities will enhance the value, support and customer service that we provide to you.  We will develop new ways to engage and connect with you as we build recognition for the discipline. We will reach out to ask for your input and feedback as we develop our products and services, please share your insights to help us include a broad perspective from different specialties.
We have an ambitious and aggressive plan for year two of our three year strategic plan. I look forward to a dynamic and value-driven year ahead.