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Communities of Practice offer an opportunity for BAs to pursue their professional development in a knowledge sharing environment.

With our continued Member and Chapter growth around the world and new initiatives, I was interested in the theory of Communities of Practice and what benefits IIBA® can share with you to implement in your work.

A business analysis Community of Practice brings together BA professionals to network and expand their knowledge and skills through professional development. IIBA addresses the needs of our Members on a daily basis by engaging learners through knowledge sharing events including monthly meetings, study groups, workshops, events, and training materials based on global best practices and learning trends. We align our resources with our IIBA BABOK® Guide v3 industry standard for business analysis, best practices and our new competency-based certification program. In essence, IIBA acts as a traditional Community of Practice by embracing our Members’ passion for learning, growing and developing.

Our global Chapters build upon this concept by providing shared learning opportunities for Members to explore their professional development in a variety of settings that offer opportunities for listening, sharing perspectives, reflecting, examining current research, being flexible to adapt to new practices and inspiring others to share their expertise and knowledge. Participating in a BA Community of Practice environment will help BAs deepen their expertise, innovate and grow. As our BA ecosystem develops and evolves, it's important to ensure we collaborate, connect and unite together as a community.

Be sure to view our webinar on-demand on '5 Key Areas to Standardize: Start and Grow a Business Analysis Community of Practice"