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News, tips and information to understand business analysis trends, techniques and best practices and help you get the most out of your membership.

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From Power Struggle to Power Balance
Why does the understanding of the power structure in an organization matter? It matters because the mission of a BA is to deliver the solution as outlined by the requirements.
Why Model Business Processes?
Understanding how work is done within an organization is very important in deciding change. To do this, business analysts may use a model to see how business processes work within a unit.
The Process of Decision Making
You don't have a decision until you have options. We live in a world of imperfect information and even our most informed decisions are going to be realized within a framework of uncertainty and complexity.
How to Define a Business Case
Using the BABOK® Guide Task 5.5 , find out how to properly define a business case and why it's so valuable.
Real Words that Work: Emails
Don’t get sucked into email anger. Let’s all make a spring resolution to take the high road even if others don’t.
Career Development
Your career is your vehicle for success, now and for the future. You and you alone are the driver of your own success and to be successful, you need to have a realistic plan you're committed to, and that works.
Business Analysis Practices
This evolution also challenges how quickly companies are able to react to change, how effective their business processes and procedures are adapted, and how these changes are communicated across the organization.