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Define Groups and Identify Stakeholders

Your first step in Stakeholder Analysis is to define stakeholder groups and then identify individual stakeholders.


Defining & Identifying

Define Stakeholder Groups ​

​Review various groupings that are affected by the initiative to determine who your stakeholders are:​

External affected groups ​
  • Customers,​
  • Suppliers,​
  • Regulators, and​
  • Others ​
Organization ​
  • Sponsors,​
  • Executives,​
  • Domain SMEs, and ​
  • Others ​
Organizational Unit ​
  • End users, ​
  • Help desk, and​
  • Employees whose work will change because of the initiative​
Solution Delivery​
  • Project team , and​
  • Anyone directly involved with creating the solution.​


Additional groups for potential stakeholders:​

Review existing documents, systems or artifacts ​
  • Enterprise organization charts - to help identify affected organization units. ​
  • Business model canvas ​
    • customers, ​
    • suppliers, and​
    • Regulators. ​
  • Participants in process models that are part of the project. ​
  • Business and system rules to highlight affected organization units and/or regulating bodies that impact how a process may be monitored, enforced or validated. ​
  • Examine lessons learned from previous projects. ​

Talk to relevant people ​
  • Conduct interviews with​
  • the project sponsor, ​
  • the project manager, and ​
  • any identified subject matter experts (SMEs) to help identify documents and additional stakeholders .​
  • Facilitate brainstorming sessions to identify potential groups to be included and start getting people to work together and think creatively.


Identify Stakeholders


Identifying stakeholders by asking: ​
  • Who​
    • is responsible for the process inputs/steps/outputs? ​
    • makes decisions regarding the budget/schedule/business requirements? ​
    • funds the project? ​
    • uses the end product? ​
    • is responsible for creating the solution? ​
    • is responsible for defining standards for the solution? ​
    • will be responsible for the solution once it is implemented (project vs. operational)? ​
  • Are there supervisors that will be informed by their own staff? ​
  • Should the project communicate to all impacted supervisors and staff? ​
Identifying stakeholders can be done concurrently within the Define Groups task or separately. ​

For example: ​

  • the Accounts Payable function needs to participate in the project and there’s only one person who focuses on Accounts Payable – so Define and Identify is one task. ​
  • the Compliance Department needs to be informed and consulted, and there are two units with three people in each that are involved. ​
    • You need to ask questions to see if all of the individuals need to be included or just one from each unit.