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10.7 Business Cases
A business case provides a justification for a course of action based on the benefits to be realized by using the proposed solution, as compared to the cost, effort, and other considerations to
IIBA® was founded in Toronto, Canada in October of 2003 to support the business analysis community by: creating and developing awareness and recognition of the value and contribution of the
10.46 SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is used to identify the overall state of an organization both internally and externally. The language used in a SWOT analysis is brief, specific, realistic, and supported by
11.3.2 Business Analysis
Information technology changes may be requested or sponsored by business sponsors, IT departments, or as a collaboration between the two. These changes should align to organizational strategy and
10.29 Mind Mapping
Mind mapping is a form of note taking that captures thoughts, ideas, and information in a non-linear diagram. Mind maps use images, words, colour, and connected relationships to apply structure
10.9 Business Rules Analysis
Business rules analysis is used to identify, express, validate, refine, and organize the rules that shape day-to-day business behaviour and guide operational business decision making.