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The Inside Look

November 2020 Update

Hello from IIBA Global

Hello, I have a special message this month and would also like you to meet Chappy!  Please ignore the event dates mention in the recording and refer to the list at the end of this email (oops).   

Also, my slide included a lotus since we are featuring Yoga as a member benefit this month – check out our member webinars.


Hello and welcome to November!  Earlier this week we held our annual awards ceremony and were able to recognize some key people and Chapters in our community for the magnificent things they’ve accomplished.

We recognized six Volunteers of the Year in various geographic regions across the globe and eight Chapters for their amazing contributions in various categories according to the Chapter Core Concept Model. This year there were almost 90 Chapters considered for the awards and we looked at over 90 submissions for volunteers. We also want to thank all our volunteers and Chapters for your contributions to the success of the global business analysis community. Thank you!!

Chapter Awards Nominees and Winners

Business Partner

  • Calgary
  • Egypt *WINNER*
  • Japan

Delivering Membership Value

  • Italy *WINNER*
  • Montreal
  • United Kingdom

Chapter Sustainability

  • Australia *WINNER*
  • Bluegrass
  • Ottawa-Outaouais

Community Outreach

  • Greater Atlanta
  • Bluegrass
  • Phoenix *WINNER*

Leadership Excellence

  • Italy 
  • Ottawa-Outaouais *WINNER*
  • Phoenix 

Marketing Excllence

  • Phoenix 
  • Calgary *WINNER*
  • Vancouver

Professional Development

  • Phoenix 
  • Calgary
  • Vancouver *WINNER*

Chapter of the Year

  • Phoenix 
  • Ottawa-Outaouais
  • Bluegrass *WINNER*

Volunteer Awards Nominees and Winners

Europe, Middle East & Asia

  • Alex Belin *WINNER*
  • Princess Khethelo Malinga
  • Tshepo Malinga
  • Thibault Trintignac
  • Mohamed Zahran

Asia Pacific & India

  • AnnMarie Colangelo *WINNER*
  • Garrie Irons
  • Anitha Laddad
  • Shawn Nikookar
  • Manjith Pillai

Americas Western

  • Marlene Barker
  • Raquel Collins
  • Suzan Darwish
  • Jaya Deep Tunuguntla *WINNER*
  • Holly (Hong Ying) Zhang

Americas Central

  • Koryn Anderson
  • Michelle Green *WINNER*
  • Marcia Huston
  • Kat McGill
  • Samantha Perez

Americas Northeastern

  • Christina Abbott
  • Carol Drew 
  • Magda Jaros
  • Yves Nicole *WINNER*
  • Emily Tom

Americas Sourtheastern

  • Fabrico Laguna
  • Katherine Leigh
  • Carlos José Locoselli *WINNER* 
  • Felicia Joyner
  • Lianne Waterford

Last month we had a great virtual session with the Chapter leaders for our Chapter Leader Day. It was originally conceived to take place during BBC but perhaps that should have been rethought when everything went virtual.

The session was recorded, and we are in the midst of splitting the recording up into sections so that you don’t have to watch the entire day in one go. The recordings will go into the Chapter Resources section of the website.

As we learned at Chapter Leaders Day, the only way you have access to the Chapter Resources section is if your profile contains the Chapter Leaders Badge. Thus, make sure that your Board of Directors is up to date within the Chapter Portal.

Harmonization efforts are continuing, and we expect to have many of the questions answered within the next few weeks. Our communication plan is dependant on some of these answers, but we are making progress.  We have two items for your consideration:

  • How do you define the geography of your Chapter? How do you differentiate yourself from the closest Chapter?  You can fill out the form here:
  • How would you prefer to be paid for the Chapter portion of any membership fees? PayPal? Wire Transfer? E-Transfer? You can fill out the form here:

The Board of Directors will be meeting this weekend to provide some of the necessary strategic direction. We’ve resolved some of the financial back-end and system set-up issues and are progressing nicely. Our January 1st timeline looks to be slipping but we are still thinking it will be first quarter of 2021!

20% off Certification Exams


We are pleased to offer a special 20%* exam rebate offer on IIBA’s full suite of certifications when the exam is written between November 1 to December 31, 2020. 

No special codes are required, simply write the exam between November 1 to December 31, 2020, and the 20% rebate will be applied. Even better, this special offer includes exam rewrite fees! The rebate will be applied to the original payment method after the exam is completed and takes approximately two to three weeks to be processed. What a wonderful end-of-year savings for those pursuing business analysis certifications!

Find Out More

New Resources: 

4 Steps to Get Employers Invest in Professional Development

In IIBA’s 2020 Global Business Analysis Salary Survey, 71% of respondents report their employer pays for training and professional development.

​​Find our brand-new resources to help your chapter members "How to ask your employer to invest in professional development" here!

Thanks again for all the efforts that you put into engaging our community. Your endeavors are truly appreciated!


Featured Webinar

Chapter Leader Mentoring Tue, Nov 17, 2020 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST

Expanding Your BA Community through the IIBA Global Corporate Program

Through the IIBA Global Corporate Program IIBA provides tools and resources to help organizations in their BA maturity practice journey and the development of their BA talent pool.  When IIBA brings in a new corporate member, the local Chapter engagement is actively encouraged.  By providing introductions, engagement opportunities and insight on potential new corporate members, IIBA Chapter members and corporate program representatives can work together to increase local IIBA involvement and the promotion of the profession.


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