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It is already July. We are into the second half of the calendar year and for many people, 2020 can not end soon enough. Historically many Chapters have taken breaks in July although the one thing we have discovered about 2020, is that how we have done things in the past has little to no bearing anymore.

BBC 2020 Will Be A Virtual Event 

If you regularly attend our bi-weekly collaboration calls, and read this newsletter you are already aware that our annual conference Building Business Capability (BBC) will no longer be held in Las Vegas this year, but instead will be an entirely virtual event. The pandemic has terminated almost all business travel and we do not see that changing prior to the end of October. Stay tuned for details on the new virtual conference.

Chapter Leaders Day

On Tuesday, October 20th, your Chapters Team will be hosting a Chapter Leaders Day and invite all Chapter leaders to join us. This is a free event and would appreciate it if you could register prior to October 12 so that we can adequately prepare for the day. Register here.

Local Initiatives from Chapters

I have talked with Keith Ellis who is our Board Chair at IIBA about some of the great things that our Chapters have accomplished. Between Ottawa-Outaouais’ hackathon in support of the Women’s Economic Council of Canada to our Egypt Chapter working with the Egyptian government to have all government business analysts IIBA certified, we have a lot of great things going on in our Chapters. Just surviving the pandemic and continuing to engage your community is a feat in and of itself. You should be proud of the work that you are doing within your communities.

Chapter Awards Program

This year’s Chapter Awards program will celebrate just some of the amazing things you have done within your communities, and looking back at where we were last year, I really believe that we have made monumental strides forward.  We have seen more events with even greater attendance than ever before.

Our Chapters are working in collaboration with each other more than ever before.

In some of my discussions with Chapter Leaders I am hearing the spirit of conversation change from “What are you doing to help me?”, switching to “How can we work together to help everyone?”.  Please take the time to congratulate your team, your community, and your colleagues for making a difference.

With the upcoming Chapter Awards, I like to think of this part of the year as a retrospective of the previous year, where we can look back and appreciate how far we have come.  Were we to treat our Chapter as a project (which I think we should!), we would do a retrospective of what worked, what did not work, and how we can improve for the next time.  Does your Chapter look back at their accomplishments? Do you celebrate all that you have achieved? Over the course of the past 12 months, you have taken a series of small steps and have come even further than you would have imagined possible. Celebrate that journey. You have done amazing things.

Have a question? Ask

A friendly reminder that if you’re looking for an answer from the Chapter team at IIBA, the best bet is to email That email address is monitored by a team of customer service agents that will ask someone from my team to intervene if they cannot answer right away. They typically respond within 24 hours and even work on Saturdays.

Integrated Membership Program Updates

In last month’s newsletter I let you know about the plan for harmonizing global and Chapter membership. We are now doing the research on what that will look like from a member and Chapter perspective. One of the key pieces of information that we are missing is for those that charge membership dues, how many active members do you currently have? If you can take 30 seconds to let me know, that would be fantastic!

Speaker Database

Over the past few weeks, in several of the regional calls, there have been requests for a speaker database; a repository of speakers that might be available to speak at your Chapter events. Someone suggested an online form where potential speakers could be submitted, and those submissions would be captured and shared with everyone. I am working with our internal teams to create such a form, and hope to have a pilot version ready by the end of the month.

This newsletter, the Regional calls, and the Collaboration calls are all meant to keep us socially connected in a physically distant way. 

As the pandemic continues to affect what we do and how we do it, I am hopeful that you and your families, friends, and loved ones remain safe and healthy. 

Please know and understand that we appreciate your hard work, your passion, and your enthusiasm for IIBA and the business analysis profession. Thank you.