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Quick Update

On July 30th, it's international friendship day! Reach out to someone who's been there for you, especially during these isolated times.

Thank you for updating our Chapter Portal information and putting out those virtual events! We've heard some great successes from around the world. We'll be adding more tutorials to support the Chapter portal, too. 

If you're missing someone from your chapter reports that you know should be there, they are probably missing some information in their primary information. There's a field for Chapter in their profile and they need to choose your Chapter to appear in that report.

To do so: they'll need to sign in to, navigate into their Profile (orange dropdown), scroll to the Chapter field, and select 'change' to select your Chapter.

We've been partnering with our Corporate team to provide you with more materials, as well as exploring new partnership opportunities. We're interested in seeing if there are any corporations within your community that have interest in working with IIBA. All we need is a contact at the corporation: our Corporate team can work with you to make the connection to IIBA happen. We have a field called 'Corporation' in your membership report that might be helpful in seeing if you have Members from the same company -- these would be a great start for looking for corporate opportunities! Maybe doing a google search for 'Fortune 500 companies near me' -- they probably have a dedicated business analysis team. 

If you conduct business in a different language, we would love to know! We're coming up with some cool features to help out with other languages, similar to our BABOK Guide translations. We'd love your feedback on the (non-English) languages you use the most in your Chapter sessions.  We want to determine how to support you best in the language you need most.

You're our chosen family: stay safe and healthy in these interesting times. Let us know what you want to see from IIBA or your Membership: you are our most valuable source of feedback!