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Sponsorship is one of those topics that can be extremely individual to each Chapter; but, yet, it is the number one topic when Chapter Leaders assemble. (Virtual Chapter Leaders Day at BBC – hint! hint!). As such, it seems appropriate to celebrate the success the IIBA Japan Chapter is having this year. The Chapter currently has 13 active sponsors, with hopes of adding more. The Chapter attributes its success largely to Japan’s approach to the Digital Transformation (DX) movement. Specifically, the Japanese government has made stipulations on how companies must initiate DX activities to remediate legacy software and infrastructure, avoiding the “2025 Digital Cliff” and a potential economic slowdown. In some cases, this involves contracted IT vendors. All combined, Japanese companies are looking to standards to provide guidance on how to not only approach initiatives of this magnitude but also incorporate the change management components. This is where organizations like IIBA and the BABOK® Guide provide a unique and essential foundation for these projects.

Given this increased need for business analysis, the IIBA Japan Chapter has leveraged this opportunity to grow its sponsorship base. The Chapter…

  • Continues to host small and large events, drawing over 500 participants at their annual forum last year, including sponsors’ attention.
  • Establishes a low sponsor cost, attracting more sponsors.
  • Approaches major IT vendors, familiarizing them and transforming them into internal promotors.
  • Approaches company executives as well as Human Resource departments of their attendees, advertising Chapter activities and global business analysis trends.
  • Refreshes promotional materials, emphasizing the need for business analysis in the DX movement.

Normally, I would summarize what I learned into actionable steps, but I think that they have done it very well themselves! If you want to review detailed information, please download the PowerPoint here.

Thank you to Sean Nikookar, Shigeru Fujishige, and Hiroko Nagaya for sharing with us! If you have questions or would like more information about the IIBA Japan Chapter, please visit its website:

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