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ECBA+ for EEP™ & Academic Providers

ECBA+ Program

What is it?

The ECBA+™ (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis™+) Program includes hands-on experience to raise proficiency levels from knowledge to application, for targeted skills. Delivery of the ECBA+ Program will be facilitated via IIBA® Endorsed Education Provider™ (EEP™) and Academic Program members. IIBA surveyed our corporate partners to identify those skills that are both aligned with the BABOK® Guide and in most demand by the corporate partner during the first year of employment.

IIBA launched the core business analysis (BA) Level 1 certification program – Entry Certificate in Business Analysis™ (ECBA™). This 'no prior experience required’ certificate establishes core principles for individuals entering the Business Analysis profession.

What does the program include?


ECBA™ Core Curriculum

  • Core ECBA™ curriculum framework and learning objectives
  • Core ECBA™ courseware (prep course) – slide deck, sample test questions, EEP™ summary of coverage

ECBA+ Curriculum Exclusives

  • ECBA+ Case Study
  • ECBA+ lab exercises for the case study, and solution examples for instructor


The ECBA™ and ECBA+ curriculums can run in parallel, but passing the ECBA exam is a prerequisite to earning the ECBA+™ credential.

Both curriculums also include:

  • Student Manual (that includes the hands-on skills, and case study)
  • Instructor manual with full instructional slide deck, lab application against case study
  • Template to communicate with IIBA students who have earned their ECBA+ credential
  • Promotional tool-kit to aid in marketing and communicating to your students

Program Benefits

Benefits of delivering the ECBA+ program:

  • A jumpstart into the entry level space at NO cost
  • A level playing field worldwide in training for the ECBA™ exam and the ECBA+ micro-credential
  • A flexible framework
  • You can use all or just parts of it and apply it as you deem appropriate

Benefits to individuals:

  • Distinction from other entry level BA practitioners in being able to:
    • land a job
    • demonstrate application (not just knowledge of) in skills necessary within their first year on the job
  • Consistent training content worldwide
  • More options for training
  • Longer term, enables the path of “lifetime learning” based on core BA skills that start on a foundation with ECBA™.

Benefits to corporates:

Entry level BA practitioners capable of executing:

  • Certificate holders are job-ready, day one
  • Graduates demonstrate skills identified by corporates as essential in their first year on the job
  • No training cost to the company
  • No delay due to additional training

What does student success look like?

Successful achievement of the ECBA+ component is recognized by the ECBA+ credential and digital badge. IIBA will award this credential to successful students based on the instructor’s assessment of the student’s case study during the delivery of the ECBA+ curriculum.

Fees and Eligibility

How much does it cost to deliver this program?

License fee:

$0 US - included in EEP™ Premier level and Academic Levels 2 and 3

$1,500 US for EEPs at Select level and Academic Members at Level 1

Micro-credential fee per student:

$50 US per student (to cover cost of administering micro-credential and digital badge)

This fee is payable by EEP™ or Academic Member to IIBA for students who have successfully passed ECBA+ training

What are the eligibility requirements to deliver this program?

  • Must be an EEP™ or Academic Program Member in good standing
  • Instructors must complete the ECBA+ training (i.e. live or recorded)
  • Contact must sign ECBA+ Program agreement
  • Instructor for ECBA™ curriculum must have achieved their ECBA™ or higher IIBA core certification level
  • Instructor for ECBA+ curriculum who will assess completion of case study must be CBAP® certified

What is the difference between EEP™ and Academic providers?

An Endorsed Education Provider (EEP™) is an education provider with learning events (ex. courses, conferences, and webinars) aligned with Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®), and endorsed by the IIBA. This allows BA professionals to easily identify educational providers that follow the global standards for business analysis. They are licensed to use IIBA intellectual property (ex. Trademarks), and BABOK® Guide content.

An Academic provider is an institution that is part of the IIBA® Academic Program, where colleges and universities collaborate with IIBA® in a multi-level, flexible framework. This framework gives the institution access to the many benefits of an IIBA membership®, industry-recognized business analysis programs through products and services, collaborative global Business Analysis opportunities, and student bridging opportunities.

Did you know both EEP™ and Academic Provider staff have access to IIBA membership benefits? If you are a student or staff member of an EEP™ or Academic Provider, contact your EEP™ and Academic Provider directly to find out more.

Enrollment & Membership Details

How do I enroll in this program?

  1. Email
  2. Sign ECBA+ Program agreement, provided via email from IIBA
  3. $1,500 US license fee for Select Premier EEP™ Level or Academic Level 1, IIBA will set up your account to enable payment
  4. $0 fee for EEP™ Premier level and Academic Levels 2 and 3
  5. Receive ECBA+ program materials listed above via email

How do my students get their ECBA+ micro-credential and digital badge?

  1. Email IIBA the template each time you have students who pass the ECBA+ curriculum
  2. IIBA will confirm for you the amount payable for the micro-credential fee of $50 US per successful student
  3. Pay IIBA the amount owing for your students’ micro-credential
  4. IIBA will contact your students directly to award them their ECBA+ micro-credential and access to their ECBA+ digital badge


What happens when I renew my EEP™ or Academic Program membership?

Upon renewal of your participation in the EEP™ or Academic programs:

  1. Eligible levels will re-confirm their agreement to the terms of delivering the ECBA+ program
  2. Payment will be made to IIBA for the membership to the program (as per standard process)
  3. Those who opt out of level, will be offered option to pay license fee for ECBA+ at $1,500 US yearly