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Join thousands of business analysis professionals worldwide.


IIBA Memberships

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Individual Membership

Join thousands of business analysis professionals worldwide enjoying a variety of benefits, including a free online copy of the BABOK® Guide and the opportunity to join a local chapter.

Annual Individual Membership is for:

  • You are a business analysis practitioner
  • You have an interest in building your business analysis practice
  • You are a product manager or product owner

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Corporate Program

Businesses and organizations can join the IIBA and enjoy additional corporate benefits:

  • Forge a strong relationship with IIBA to help advance the practice of Business Analysis within your organization
  • Support development of your Business Analysis Professionals
  • Connect with over 300 organizations globally

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Corporate Member

  • You are a corporate employee with a discount code from your employer

 Contact us to find out if your employer is part of the Corporate Program or if you require additional assistance.

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Endorsed Education Provider

Do you provide educational services? Become a member of the IIBA as an Endorsed Education Provider™ (EEP™):

EEP™ members include:

  • Training providers of business analysis practices
  • Providers seeking professional endorsement of their offerings
  • Providers looking to expand their market

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Academic Program

IIBA® Academic Program Membership is available to Academic Faculty at accredited colleges and universities that:

  • Offer programs supporting business analysis
  • Academic institutions looking for promotion among business analysis practitioners and their employers

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