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4. Strategy Horizon

4.4 Time Frame

Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide

The Strategic Horizon involves looking further into the future than the Initiative and Delivery Horizons. While some analysis does happen in real time, much of it focuses on speculating on what might happen in the future. How far the organization looks ahead depends on the organization and the context in which it is operating. Business analysis practitioners may look as short as three months, to as long as multiple years ahead. This time frame continually shifts and moves forward, creating what can be considered a rolling time frame.

When looking into the distant future business analysis practitioners consider broad analysis and uncertain data. Analysis is likely to be at a higher level and more abstract than when looking at the immediate future. The further business analysis practitioners look into the future, the more plans and models become aspirational and a hypothesis to be tested, rather than facts. When considering the distant future, the business analysis practitioner constantly asks the question "as an organization, what do we need to learn to either prove or disprove our long- term hypothesis?"

At the Strategy Horizon, business analysis practitioners continually switch their analysis from understanding the micro-details of a potential change to understanding the broader view of the impact of the change and the opportunities it might present to the organization as a whole.