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4. Strategy Horizon

4.2 Description

Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide

Value is created at the Strategy Horizon through understanding and achieving the business’ goals. Business goals change; consumer tastes change; competitors create disruptive technology; regulations change. At the Strategy Horizon, the priority of business goals are continually reassessed and emerging opportunities evaluated. Agile business analysis enables organizations to rapidly and effectively adapt the organization’s business goals and quickly redeploy the organization’s available resources.

Organizations that are agile embrace change. They redeploy their resources as fast as they learn what the evolving business goals are. At the Strategy Horizon, the information that informs these decisions is frequently overwhelming, obscure, uncertain, and even contradictory. In rapidly changing contexts, there is a risk that strategic decisions may be made on outdated data. Even if clear, understandable information is available, effectively communicating this information is challenging. The lack of effective communication to stakeholders creates the risk that decisions may be made on the wrong information, even though dependable information exists within the organization. Agile business analysis responds to these challenges by enabling quick and effective decision making in complex and rapidly changing contexts.

While the practices and techniques used at the Strategy Horizon may differ from those employed at the Initiative and Delivery Horizons, the principles, mindset, and capabilities needed for agile business analysis are consistent throughout all three Horizons.