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2. The Agile Mindset

Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide

Agile is best described as a mindset that guides the way work is approached. Agile is not a methodology that prescribes how to do that work.

Agile business analysis is comprised of applying an agile mindset to the fundamental knowledge, competencies, and techniques of business analysis. Appendix B: Mapping BABOK Guide Tasks to Horizons demonstrates how an agile mindset can be applied to each BABOK® Guide task.

An agile mindset drives agile business analysis practitioners' thinking and behaviour. This, combined with a set of practices and techniques which enable effective delivery of just enough of the right product to the right people early and often, and the focus on maximizing value, are the goals of agile business analysis.

The goal of applying an agile mindset is to maximize the outcome (value delivered) with minimum output: "do less and do the right things, right".