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Business Analysis in the Digital Economy

Forging a Path Through the Creative World of Digital Marketing

In this issue, I invite you to take a closer look at the impact of digital transformation on the role of the business analysis professional in today’s digital economy. In the abridged research paper by Forrester titled: “Develop A Training Plan For The New Digital Business Analyst Role” (free to members), you will learn more about the seven key skills business analysts must master to become a digital business analyst.

This research paper is a follow-up on Forrester’s 2016 research paper titled: "Create A Digital Business Analyst Role To Support The BT Agenda | Digital Business Analysts Fill Skill Gaps In The Modern AD&D Team.” (free to members) The report outlines how the shifting digital landscape is changing traditional BA roles.

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Develop A Training Plan For The New Digital Business Analyst Role

Analyst: Somak Roy

The business analyst (BA) role is changing in response to the digital business imperative. But most BAs still focus on the traditional approach of eliciting requirements through process modeling. Instead, digital BAs elicit requirements through some combination of consumer research, ethnographic research, design thinking, and customer journey mapping. This report provides application development and delivery (AD&D) leaders with the insight that they need to train a cadre of new BAs to support the requirements of the business technology (BT) agenda.




The Business Analyst in The Age of Digital

Analyst: Somak Roy

In the digital age, technology and business leaders are running into a specific execution challenge - bridging the cultural divide that separates the very different types of professionals who are staffed on a typical project. The enterprise has never worked with the uber designer, or the design-development-business triumvirate. It has never had product managers either. For many, the task of bringing it altogether is an unsolved problem. As would be expected, companies are turning to a role that has traditionally been adept at learning new skills, and straddling multiple distinct, even antagonistic, cultures – that of the business analyst.




Business Analysis (BA) Professionals are Forging a Path through the Creative World of Digital Marketing
By Kate Gwynne, CBAP, CSM – Director of Business Analysis at Resource Ammirati

In an industry that combines advertising, websites, mobile apps, and near-instantaneous sharing via dozens of social networks, no one is more focused on innovation and speed to market these days than digital marketing agencies. With advertising dollars shifting towards digital, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are beginning to partner with Chief Information officers (CIOs) to drive their organization’s bottom line.



Business Analysis in the Age of Digital
Presented by Somak Roy, Senior Analyst, Forrester

The rise of digital places new demands on the business analyst role. The BA must become more prescriptive, strategic, and creative. The role must encompass much more than requirements elicitation. This webinar will focus on how pioneering BAs are adapting to the digital age.