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Move cybersecurity from a bolt-on approach to a built-in approach

Cybersecurity Analysis in the facilitation of the design, implementation, and management of cybersecurity solutions helps create a robust security program for an organization.

Cybersecurity Analysis helps to meet the business objective of a secure system

The core purpose is to enable improved communication and collaboration between the business partners and the technical experts with better analysis across the spectrum of issues that are needed to create a robust security program for an organization. If you want to enable your organization to move cybersecurity from a bolt-on approach to a built-in approach with established analysis techniques, there are upskilling opportunities and programs offered by IIBA to help with that objective.



Enable your team to gain a solid understanding of cybersecurity

Learn more about how IIBA's Corporate Program helps organizations augment business analysis skills with Cybersecurity Analysis capability to ensure the best cybersecurity solution design for your organization.

Key Cybersecurity Analysis Areas

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Governance and Risk Management

Identification of information assets, risk management and control assurance framework at the enterprise level.


Technical and Infrastructure Management

Understanding the network and computing platform decisions and their implications to the business.


Data and Applications

Secure data and provide appropriate decisions around business applications using appropriate cyber controls.

Cybersecurity Analysis Professional Development & Resources


Cybersecurity Analysis Certification

Empower your team to play an important role and ensure the best cybersecurity solution design to meet the business objective of a secure system.

Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis (IIBA®-CCA) is best suited to the integration and solution design areas, where prevention and thoughtful establishment of appropriate standards are what matter.


Learning Modules

Upskill your business analysis talent to help enable a secure system for the organization. IIBA and IEEE’s new Cybersecurity Analysis learning modules will enable your team to gain a solid understanding of cybersecurity and prepare them for the IIBA®-CCA exam. There are 67 learning modules in total and would take 20-22 hours to complete.


Connect to Training Providers

Ensure your organization is addressing emerging skills gaps and aligns professional development with organizational and customer needs.

By becoming a member of the Corporate Program your organization will build connections to the business analysis industry and connect with IIBA Endorsed Education providers.

IIBA Analyst Catalyst Blog & Cybersecurity Analysis

How Business Analysis is Changing Cybersecurity

The global cybersecurity market size is forecasted to grow to $248.26 billion USD by 2023. The burgeoning demand for expertise to help companies mitigate their risk has created a key opportunity for business analysts who possess the hard and soft skills that are in demand by enterprise businesses.

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$6 Trillion is Expected to Be Spent Globally on Cybersecurity by 2021

Cybercrime comes with a hefty price tag. It will do about $6 trillion worth of damage by next year, according to Cybercrime Magazine. The source stated, “Cyberattacks are the fastest growing crime in the U.S., and they are increasing in size, sophistication and cost.”1 What’s more, most companies have poor cybersecurity practices, per Varonis.2 “Only 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected, on average,” wrote a contributor.

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Take Cybersecurity Seriously or Face the Consequences

While other trends have dominated the news cycles over the past weeks and months, cybersecurity remains a consistent driver for businesses and for the public. Be it public disclosures of our personal data, data breaches that affect a company’s share price, reputation and trust within its customer and user base, or the efforts made to strengthen and secure communications and transactions, cybersecurity remains an overarching trend globally.

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Enable your team to gain a solid understanding of cybersecurity

The role of business analysis in cybersecurity is rapidly on the rise. Find out about how IIBA's Corporate Program helps organizations upskill their teams and develop Cybersecurity Analysis capability. Get started today and reach out to a corporate program manager.

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