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Women in Business Analysis: What Will You Choose to Challenge in 2021?

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For International Women’s Day, IIBA hosted “Celebrating Women in Business Analysis,” a webinar that featured a panel of established Business Analysts and covered a wide variety of topics. The webinar was designed to encourage women in business analysis to challenge the limiting beliefs that hold them back professionally so that they can advance their career.


Here are 3 ways women in business analysis can further their career.


“Our limits are the ones we place on ourselves.” -- Chinyere Ubani, Business Systems Analyst, IIBA webinar panelist 

3 Tips for Advancing Your Career as a Woman in Business Analysis

These takeaways from the “Celebrating Women in Business Analysis” webinar will help you further your career as a woman in business analysis:

1. Network fearlessly - For women in business analysis, networking can be a game-changer. Networking helps you understand how to advance your career. By networking, you can find your next volunteer opportunity and ensure you have people in your corner who will encourage you to take strategic risks and overcome your fears. In short, networking sets you up for success. If you can’t network in-person due to COVID restrictions, network virtually, and network fearlessly.

2. Recognize imposter syndrome - Women who want to further their business analysis career must recognize and challenge imposter syndrome. “Imposter syndrome is loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud,” explained Harvard Business Review. Even seasoned business analysis professionals, such as the panelists featured in the webinar, experience imposter syndrome and question theirselves, their skills, and their ability to succeed professionally. Women should challenge this notion if they want to reach their potential. This is easier said than done, but simply recognizing imposter syndrome and choosing to challenge any thoughts related to it is a good start. 

3. Ask questions - Asking others who work in business analysis questions can make a big difference as you work to advance your career. For example, webinar panelists answered the question, “How do women display confidence without being labelled negatively?” Ubani urged listeners to strive to understand who they are as a person, be true to themselves, and leave toxic environments that pull them down. Reaching out to those in your network with questions is a brave, powerful, career-changing move.

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As a Woman in Business Analysis, What Will You Choose to Challenge in 2021?

In honor of International Women’s Day, IIBA asked women in business analysis to challenge specific ideas that were holding them back professionally. A few responses included:

  • “I am challenging the idea that I have to do it all (excel in child care, work, household responsibilities, etc.).”
  • “I am challenging what I think I'm capable of and stepping out of my comfort zone.”
  • “I choose to challenge age stereotypes by helping young women become influential figures in the professional world.”
  • “I will challenge the idea that I can’t be feminine in the workplace. I'm female all the time, and I'm not taking on masculine attributes to be successful.”

What outdated or limiting beliefs will you choose to challenge this year?

Watch “Celebrating Women in Business Analysis” to glean more tips and advice from women established in the field about how to move your business analysis career forward. Check out IIBA’s career resources for business analysis professionals here.

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