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Why Should Business Analysis Professionals Care About Cybersecurity?   

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The fall issue of BAM! is here. This issue takes a looks at cybersecurity in business analysis. October marks Cybersecurity Awareness Month and this is the time that organizational leaders should take to reflect on the gravity of the current cybersecurity landscape and create initiatives to strengthen data security.  


The fall issue of BAM! shares essential tips for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, provides answers to applying agile practices to mainframe projects, looks at task calibration, and more.

What role can business analysis play in cybersecurity? How can you develop your cybersecurity analysis skills? Find out more in this month's featured articles Top Cybersecurity Skills Every Business Analysis Professional Should Have by Isabel Feher-Watters, Certification Programs Manager, IIBA® and Must-Have Tips for Cybersecurity Awareness Month by Jeffrey A. Roth, Chief Marketing Officer, IIBA®.

Do you borrow from agile methodologies on your waterfall projects? Ryland Leyton recently joined Susan Moore, Community Manager, IIBA® to explore how business analysis professionals can improve their waterfall projects by introducing practices borrowed from Agile methodologies in Applying Agile Practices to Mainframe Projects

The increase in companies adopting Agile practices is notable, one survey found that 94% of organizations are practicing Agile. In The Future of 'Projects' in an Agile World, Amanda Inman, Agile Transformation Specialist, at Apex Systems shares strategies for repositioning the PMO (Project Management Office) as a vital resource for Agile transformation. 

Ever wondered what is involved in assigning a task? In Leading Through Task Calibration by John B. Reeves, AMA-CPM, CAPM, CCBA, breaks down a three-step approach including leadership assessment, talent evaluation, and talent alignment.  

We hope you enjoy the fall 2022 issue of BAM!, it is packed with tips and information to help build your skillset and deliver better business outcomes. Enjoy! 


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About The Author:
Tiffani Iacolino

Tiffani Iacolino is a Product Marketing Manager at IIBA® and has 15+ years of marketing experience across the legal, technology, telecommunications, publishing, media, and professional services industries. She’s passionate about delivering meaningful products and solutions to the business analysis community, including IIBA’s latest offering the Cybersecurity Analysis Learning and Certification Program. Hailing from the Greater Toronto Area, she enjoys an amazing cup of coffee, running, and yoga -- between chasing her two adorable children! 


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