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Why Research Is Essential in Tackling Challenging Business Problems

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IIBA Global Research provides trusted insights for challenging business problems


IIBA, the global thought leader and voice of the business analysis community is excited to announce the launch of IIBA’s Global Research. IIBA’s Global Research provides a broad view of the topical information, insights, and trends that influence business analysis globally. Business analysis professionals and business leaders can leverage these trends to support digital transformation, business enterprise agility, data analytics, achieving operational efficiencies, and more.  
We live in a world where being aware of rapidly changing market forces can make a tremendous impact on the success of an organization. Here are a few advantages of IIBA’s Global Research and reports: 

5 Benefits of IIBA’s Global Research: 

  1. Get deep insight into the future of the profession from input from around the world. 
  2. Have the data and case studies needed to educate executives on the value of business analysis. 
  3. Look at examples of how high performing companies have invested in business analysis to maximise organizational results. 
  4. Be prepared to capitalize on emergent market spaces benefiting from the application of analysis practices. 
  5. See how business analysis skills can be applied to improve ROI. 

Organizations will benefit from reports and unique research that inform and challenge the thinking on the latest trends and resources covering everything from transformation to digital experience to standards and many other topics. “The ability to envision and drive change is just as important as the ability to work with technology. If you don’t have both, you can’t succeed in this world.” — George Westerman, senior lecturer, MIT Sloan

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Gain Insights into the Future of Business Analysis

Did you know that close to 90% of data and analytics initiatives do not go beyond pilot? Of those that do, half of them fall short of expectations, and 22%1 are considered outright failures.  

Discover more insights in IIBA’s latest research report: Achieving More with Data: The Critical Role of Business Analysis in Becoming a Data-Driven Organization - Part A: How Business Data Analytics is Transforming Industry 
Achieving More with Data analyzes the forces shaping the use of data and business data analytics at companies and the strategies, including the role Business Analysis Professionals are playing at high performing companies, as these organizations transform into data-driven organizations. 


Download the research preview to learn about the: 

  • Key impacts data analytics has on today's businesses 
  • Relationship of business data analytics to business analysis 
  • Importance of leveraging business analysis in the business data analytics cycle 

Get your free copy of the preview hereThe full report is available as part of IIBA’s Global Corporate Program

You Might be Interested to Know

Did you know employees who have access to professional development are 15% more engaged in their jobs and perform at consistently high levels?  

IIBA’s Global Corporate Program provides the support and resources, such as exclusive access to research reports organizations need to build business analysis capabilities and drive professional development and growth. Help your team achieve successful business results with global corporate insights and engage with business analysis leaders.   
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About The Author:
Keith Ellis

Keith Ellis brings to IIBA more than 20 years of leadership experience including roles as CEO, COO, board member, investor, and mentor to various companies. He has experience with IDC, CGI, IAG Consulting, EnFocus Solutions, and Anow, among others, and co-founded and sold Digital Mosaic, a business analysis company. A recognized voice in the business analysis community Keith has published and spoken extensively with the Enterprise Architecture Symposium, Business Analyst Times, Modern Analyst, and other outlets in the field in addition to his contributions to IIBA. 



  1. Jyoti, R., Riley, S. (May 2020). AI strategies view: Standard.