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Why LinkedIn Matters & How to Stand Out to Recruiters 

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Do Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Professionals and hiring Managers really look at your LinkedIn profile? That’s a resounding YES, and many spend just as much time, maybe even more time, evaluating your LinkedIn profile before deciding whether to respond to your application in the first place!  

LinkedIn is a great way for business analysts to stand out to recruiters. Here are 10 tips to stand out in the business analysis world.


We asked Recruiters who specialize in staffing Business Analysts at Apex Systems what they really evaluate as they review profiles and their top tips. Spoiler alert: the more details, the better! Aren’t you glad that’s a trade of the profession?  

  1. EVERYTHING in your LinkedIn profile matters! We hear a lot of times that resumes should be detailed, but not overly detailed so we don’t get into the 10-15 page scenario (I agree). In my opinion, LI should then be where you let the details fly. Think of the resume as your banner ad, and your LI profile as your landing page. Keep it organized and relevant, but the more detail you give, the more we can help you align the multiple opportunities we may have. I always cross-reference resume with LI profiles. – Blake Walz 

  2. Include a picture, strong ‘About’ section, recommendations, certifications, and details under each role you held recently. – Emily Pentico 

  3. The more details, the better! It shows me you took time to showcase your “brand”. A LinkedIn profile is an extension of your resume and should be kept professional, but still have a sense of personality.  Utilize the ‘About’ section to tell me about yourself, treating it like your elevator speech.  I personally like to see a clear picture of you, versus no picture at all; I like putting a face to the name! – Marissa Ramirez 

  4. Talk about your projects at a high level, mention methodologies/frameworks their projects are using or following, and make sure certifications are listed. I’d also encourage job seekers to upload their resume to their profile, and if they feel comfortable, list themselves with the green highlight that says they are open to work. – Carolyn Vojick  

  5. I prefer LinkedIn profiles that tell me more about each job listed on their profile. Treat it as an expanded resume! Certifications obtained, summary of industry experience, writing/diagraming tools used, and technical competencies are all key for me when searching through profiles for employment matches. – Marco Salinas 

  6. Detail all aspects of your job, i.e. what documentation (BRD (Best practices for Requirements Documentation), FSD, user stories, process flows) are you writing and gathering? What tools and technologies are you working with? How often and in what capacity are you working with them? Are you more technical or functional? – Lindsey Dee  

  7. Definitely include a professional photo. Then include as much detail under each job as you do in your resume. Add your skills and technologies! – Healea Dupuis 

  8. Attach your resume, include your photo, and ask for recommendations from multiple stakeholders. Recommendations are one of the most under-utilized branding and marketing strategies you can utilize to differentiate yourself and communicate your strengths, skills, and professional advantages you can offer an organization! – Kristen Daylor 

  9. The biggest oversight I see with LinkedIn profiles is not taking the opportunity to really humanize yourself and showcase who you are as a person! Recruiters and Managers alike always value individuals who are ethical, take initiative, are passionate, go out of their way to help others, and continuously invest in themselves. If you volunteer, are you including that? Do you have ‘Causes You Care About’ represented? Do you have any trainings, conferences, groups/associations, etc.? As long as it’s not controversial, are you including interests? Anything that can help paint the picture that you’re a real person vs. just another candidate, and help establish any connection with those reviewing your profile, could be a game changer in your candidacy! – Erica Woods  

  10. Utilize digital badges, which are visual, verifiable, and portable records of your accomplishments or credentials.  On LinkedIn, you can share these in a post out to your followers to market a recent achievement, share in a private message to a potential employer, or include as part of your profile under the Licenses and Certifications section. Marketing your digital badges allows you to direct stakeholders, such as college admission officers, potential employers, or Recruiters/hiring Managers back to your credentials. They can verify the credentials validity and get a better understanding of how you earned the achievement. These help tell your professional story, demonstrate the skills you’ve developed and stand out among peers! When you consider that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” digital badging is an effective branding strategy! – Shannon Wenger 

Bonus Resource: For more on how to strengthen your brand via LinkedIn (and your resume), check out this 30-minute on-demand training hosted by Apex Systems - 


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Thank you to all contributors: Blake Walz, PMO Delivery Lead; Emily Pentico, Senior Professional Recruiter, Principal I Delivery Lead; Marissa Ramirez, PMO Delivery Lead, Senior Professional Recruiter; Carolyn Vojick, Senior Professional Recruiter;  Marco Salinas, Senior Professional Recruiter; Lindsey Dee, Recruiter; Healea Dupuis, Delivery Team Lead, Senior Professional Recruiter; Kristen Daylor, Senior Professional Recruiter; Erica Woods, Director, Contractor Programs & Philanthropy Principal; and Shannon Wenger, Director Talent Development at Apex Systems 


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