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Why I Attend the Building Business Capability Conference

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Some Memories from Past BBCs, and Tips on Virtual Networking

I was recently asked to explain why I wanted to attend Building Business Capability Conference (BBC) this year. The first thing that came to my mind was why wouldn’t I want to attend BBC 2020?

I’ve been a senior Business Analyst since 2005 and I’ve attended every BBC since 2014. To me, it is the must-attend event. You have access to knowledge from many thought leaders representing numerous industries. Whether it’s the business analysis, or project management, or something completely new, it’s so fascinating to see how business analysis is used to support successful change. I can see how this is particularly relevant in 2020: with so many organizations suddenly undergoing accelerated digital transformation, I want to know how my peers are changing the way we’re doing things and bringing the organization on board.


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Why I Attend BBC

The People and the Professional Development

The amount of knowledge you can gain is immense...and you can have a little bit of fun. It’s a time for me to gather with a lot of people I only see once a year at BBC, maybe people I only get to see a few times year, and you ALWAYS get to meet new people. This year will be a little different with all networking happening virtually but there are lots of great ways to engage. I feel like some of the best experiences I’ve had at BBC are from the chance meetings I’ve had; not only have I met people who completely change my way of looking at business analysis as a profession, but I’ve also had some of the best laughs at BBC. And sometimes the people who give you the best laughs have some unique business opportunities that have led to my own professional growth and opportunities in the profession. I also have a special reason for attending this year. I will be speaking for the first time. I’m going to be talking about what kind of background it takes for a person to be a great product owner on an Agile team.

I save money and maximize my networking by becoming an IIBA Member

So, after you are done with this blog and think ‘Wow, Judy! Thanks for telling me all these cool things about BBC. Sign me up!’ , I'd suggest you become an IIBA Member. You’ll get a discount to BBC that’s greater than the actual cost of becoming an IIBA Member, while instantly equipping you with IIBA’s curated knowledge, career development tools, and a network of professionals on top of what you were already going to pay for BBC.

It’s a handy trick to read a few articles and see what’s in the latest BA Lens magazine, too, and have some talking points at-the-ready for networking so you know some of the latest trends. And having the

searchable IIBA Member digital interactive copies of the BABOK® Guide, Agile Extension, and Competency Model might give you an edge at that Trivia Bowl virtual reception Jared Gorai is hosting ;)

Maintaining the Laughs While Going Virtual

Whova helps me talk to my peers virtually.

Now this year it will be a little different. And as Business Analysts, we can all pivot, that’s for sure.

I was worried when I heard that BBC was going virtual that I would lose that aspect of meeting people and just talking to people – those times I run into someone fascinating in a hallway. It was a relief to find out that the Whova app BBC is using would allow me to communicate with attendees casually. Like those meetings I’d have in the hallway, and those best laughs I’d have with my peers. I felt this huge sigh of relief that I wouldn’t be just staring at a screen and listening to others talk. I like the sound of my own voice when I’m speaking, but I don’t want my audience to feel like I’m miles away at my own home and they can’t ask the questions or come up to me to tell me what they find intriguing about being a product owner on an Agile team.

Twitter is a good communication tool at BBC.

Another way I’ve met people is by paying attention to #BBCcon on Twitter. I love some of the insights people tease out on the fly in some presentations. It’s a tool that doesn't let just influencers talk – you can @mention Adrian Reed or Angela Wick and see how other people are reacting to presentations as they’re live. The speakers, like myself, aren’t up on a podium: you can communicate with us directly by searching us up and engage with us on how our session made your brain itch.

Come join the party!

You’re at home: you don’t have to pay for a hotel or travel don’t even have to dress up. So just DO IT: take that leap this year and treat yourself to a priceless package because the people you meet and the information that you gain will be so valuable. I’ve met some of the best, most engaging people at BBC, and just getting to know them and find those new people that spark something new is so valuable to professional growth.

If you attend BBC 2020 and if it was because you read my blog or listened to my video, I invite you to ping me on Whova during the event, or @me on twitter. It’s amazing to see us pivoting to a new way of doing things in 2020, and I want to make it my goal to meet as many new people at this virtual event and have just as many laughs as BBC 2019.

Consider coming to BBC because it’s a party and you certainly don’t want to be left out.



About the Author:

Judy Alter is a public speaker, mentor, and Senior Business Systems Analyst with 16 years of experience in Business Analysis. The last 7 years has been working with Scrum and SAFe Framework. Judy has been employed at Mutual of Omaha for 35 years.

  • CEO/Owner of Judy Alter Speaker & Business Analysis Services LLCNovember 2019 to Present
  • IIBA Global Chapter Council Chair September 2017 to Present
  • IIBA Leadership Webinar Series Team 2016 to Present
  • IIBA Americas Central Regional Director September 2015 to November 2017
  • IIBA Heartland Chapter President January 2012 to January 2016

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