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Why Cybersecurity Remains a Top Priority for Businesses

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October is Cybersecurity Awareness month, and IIBA is celebrating with special offers, webinars, and more. In this issue of BAM!, we look at how business analysis plays an integral role in the success of cybersecurity to prevent, reduce, and mitigate cyber risks to your organization.   

October 2021 issue of BAM! celebrates cybersecurity awareness month, global research, product ownership analysis, and...


This issue shares some interesting articles from the global community. In, 3 Questions About an Innovative, Agile Corporate Culture, author and industry thought leader, Howard Podeswa, poses three critical questions about how to create an innovative agile corporate culture: why should we care about agile culture, why do so many organizations fail at agile transformation, and what steps can we take to address the most common impediments to a successful transformation. Readers are encouraged to join the discussion and share their insights and thoughts on LinkedIn. Anjana Manocha and Thomson Mathew from NTT Data Services share their steps for high, moderate, and low engagement models in their paper titled, Golden Rules of Stakeholder Engagement in Business Analysis. Looking ahead to 2022, journalist Connor Munnings sits down with IIBA Australia Chapter’s 2022 Festival of Business Analysis speakers and shares what’s in store for attendees this year in Responsive. Resilient. Reskilled.  

Focusing on cybersecurity, in this issue, several of our guest contributors explore why cybersecurity is a top priority for businesses. Ken Fulmer, former president and CEO of IIBA, explains how a plan of analysis needs to be discussed with stakeholders and agreed upon to balance the needs and investment in cybersecurity. Read more about this in his article, How Cybersecurity Relies on Good Business Analysis.  As the importance of cybersecurity grows business analysis professionals need to know about it and develop their skillset. In, Why Cybersecurity Remains a Top Priority for Businesses, Suzanne Bertschi, Director of Certifications and Programs for IIBA shares some statistics on cyber risks and why business analysis professionals need to become comfortable with cybersecurity concepts. For those interested in developing their cybersecurity knowledge, LN Mishra from Adaptive US, an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider, shares his insights based on his own experience preparing for the Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis (IIBA®- CCA) exam in Cybersecurity With CCA: How I Aced it.  

IIBA also shares exciting news about the Global Research program in, Market Insights | Global Research. Keith Ellis, Chief Engagement and Growth Officer for IIBA discusses why research is essential in tackling challenging business problems. Find out the driver behind this program and the newest study released. Keith also shares a download link to preview the study, Achieving More with Data. The research shares key impacts data analytics has on today’s business, the relationship of business data analytics to business analysis, and the importance of leveraging business analysis in the business data analytics cycle. The 2021 Global State of Business Analysis Report will be available soon for IIBA Members.

This issue wraps up BAM! for another year. Thank you to our contributors, sponsors, and our readers for a great year! If you aren’t receiving BAM!, please update your communication preferences in your IIBA profile. Stay tuned for our January 2022 issue. Happy reading! 


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