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Why Business Analysis Certifications are More Important Than Ever for Your Career

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Business analysis certifications can be a game-changer for your career. By understanding what business analysis certifications are, how they can benefit you, and why they are becoming increasingly relevant to career success, you can make an informed decision about getting certified.

 IIBA certifications help you build your business analysis career by providing you with many additional benefits.


What are Business Analysis Certifications?

Industry-specific certifications are professional designations that prove to employers you have exactly what it takes to perform the job you are applying for. Certificates or certificate programs are a little different. They show employers that you have received targeted training in a given area, but don’t always prove you have mastered those skills. They hold weight, but not as much as certifications.    

Certifications are More Important Than Ever for Your Business Analysis Career

Business analysis certifications are not just a nice-to-have side item for someone’s resume. In many cases, having a certification can make the difference between getting a job or not. These designations are more important than ever to your business analysis career because they pack a mean punch of benefits, including:  

  • Making you more competitive as a job candidate in a globalized remote workforce - The demand for certified professionals is on the increase. The article Demand for Certifications Increasing During the Pandemic cited the COVID-19 pandemic, demand from individuals, and demand from employers as the top 3 reasons for this increased demand. Getting certified keeps you competitive in an evolving, globalized remote workforce.  
  • Proving your skills in a rapidly changing workplace - The pandemic has changed the workplace. It’s changed how people communicate and conduct business and increased workplace stress. It’s essential that business analysis professionals reassure employers that they can do their job well despite these changes. When you pass a certification exam, you are proving to yourself and an employer that you have the skills you need to succeed (and to make the organization a success) in a continuously changing workplace.  
  • Justifying your salary - Pandemic-related budget cuts have affected millions of employees across all industries. That’s why it’s important that business analysis professionals justify their salaries with certifications. Not only can a business analysis certification justify your salary, but it can also make a strong case for you getting a raise. This is dependent upon how much an employer values certifications. The Association for Talent Development reported that certifications could carry a salary premium of up to 18%, according to the research report The Narrow Ladder: The Value of Industry Certifications in the Job Market

This is not where the benefits of business analysis certifications end. Respondents to the IIBA Global State of Business Analysis Survey reported that getting business analysis certifications boosted feelings of confidence at work, helped them find a job, and improved their performance review. The respondents confirmed that certification made it easier to get a raise or a promotion.

The CBAP is an advanced business analysis certification designed for leading members of the business analysis community. CBAP certified professionals earn up to 13% more than their non-certified peers, stand out to employers, and prove they are highly effective in their respective roles. 

Define Your Career

IIBA's Career Development Summary Report provides salary insights on how certification lends itself to career development and information on emerging areas of business analysis where savvy professionals can make an impact in 2022.

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