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What Makes a Good Agile Team?

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The summer issue of BAM! is here. This issue offers real-world tips for information mapping and specification by example, shares advice for business analysis managers to tackle their team’s career development strategy, plus we look at where the role of business analysis fits in agile and product-centric delivery.

Business analysis professionals have a tendency to undersell themselves. They can prove their value this way.

Before you can provide your team with career advice you need to get to know them; and understand their experience and skills. Your more senior team members may be looking to tackle something new. It’s helpful to have tools at your fingertips to support your team’s career development activities. Scott Bennett, Manager of Business Analysis at IIBA shares tips to assess your team’s skills, where to invest in your team members, and how to create a career action plan in Career Development for Your Business Analysis Team.

Do you currently work in an Agile environment? Have you ever asked the million-dollar question, “Where does the business analysis professional fit in Agile?” Contributor Emily Midgley, CBAP, Systems Analyst Lead for Progressive Corporation, shares insights from Ryland Leyton, Senior Business Analyst and Agile Coach at Cognizant Microsoft Business Group, on the incredible value of the agile business analysis professional and how they fill gaps in the agile approach in, How Business Analysis Fits with Agile Environments. Leyton says, “ analysis professionals can improve velocity and allow more of a play your position approach.” Understanding where they fit in Agile empowers business analysis professionals to increase their relevance and effectiveness and give themselves a competitive edge in their field.

In 6 Steps for Better Documentation Now, author Susan Moore, Community Engagement Manager with IIBA digs into the science-based methodology of Information Mapping® and how to analyze, organize and present information in a user-focused way. Susan talks with Patrick Orr, an Account Executive at Information Mapping, to learn more about the value of documentation for business analysis professionals and the six steps to follow.

In Driving Outcomes with Product-Centric Delivery, guest author Amanda Inman, Agile Transformation Specialist at Apex Systems, provides a fresh perspective on the topic. She recommends that organizations stop measuring like traditional PMO’s encourage you to and focus instead on the outcomes of your product. “Moving to a product-centric delivery model may seem like a daunting task and it can be challenging but playing the game exactly the same way, you have always played it will eventually negatively impact your customers, the morale of your people, and ultimately your bottom line.”

Guest contributor, Line Karkov a digitization consultant based in Denmark shares her personal experience using specification by example and Gherkin in her product backlog in, Specification by Example. Although Line has found that using specification by example as an approach to requirements specifications is fundamentally different from the other approaches she has worked with, focusing on experiences and examples has become her ideal for requirements specification.

Enjoy the summer 2022 issue, its packed with tips and techniques to build your skillset and deliver better outcomes. Stay with us – and enjoy!


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