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Want to Learn More about AI? Read These 8 Blog Articles

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and may not reflect the perspectives of IIBA.

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With so much hype and concern surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) these days, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But rather than tuning out AI news altogether, it’s vital to keep tabs on such a transformative force in our society—for good and bad.

That might mean tempering some of the hype with some good old-fashioned facts and pragmatism.

Fortunately, our talented community of practising business analysis professionals/part-time blog writers is never short of ideas on AI and its related fields, including machine learning, generative AI, and natural language processing tools.

And they’re keenly aware of the challenges of implementing them into business analysis practices, despite their potential to transform the profession.

If you’re curious about the basics of AI and what this powerful force might mean for business analysis, you’ve come to the right place. Ready for some deep learning?  

Getting Started

We’ll start things off gently, with a solid primer on the most popular form of large language model (or LLM): ChatGPT.

In this recap of a Business Analysis Live episode that asks whether the tool can boost productivity, we provide an overview of its pros and cons. Spoiler alert: it’s about 50/50. But in the capable hands of business analysis professionals, AI can definitely boost productivity in unimaginable ways.

If machine learning is more your thing, check out The Rise of Machine Learning: A Game-Changer for Business Analysis, which explores how this subset of AI can empower business analysis professionals to revolutionize how their organizations gather insights and drive growth.

Finally, if you’re in the business of leading others through AI adoption, discover 8 Ways Leaders Can Help Organizations Unlock AI. By setting a clear vision and fostering a culture of innovation within your organization, you can have a say on whether your AI journey is bumpy or bright.

What It Means for Business Analysis

Among the business analysis community, the million-dollar question is what kind of impact AI might have on business analysis.

As organizations strive to become more data-driven in their decision-making, there’s a golden opportunity for those trained in data analysis to shape tomorrow’s business world with the help of cutting-edge tech. Read more in AI’s Impact on Business Analysis.

In Transforming Collaboration and Requirements Management Processes: The Evolution of AI and Tools, we explore how AI can enhance the requirements management process by automating tasks, providing insights, and improving decision-making.

And if you really want to take a leap, read all about How AI Is Rewriting the Rules of Data Analysis. Yep, generative AI is ushering in a new era of data analytics, where practitioners can regularly rely on things like domain-specific support, augmented predictive analytics, and synthetic data generation.

It even helped to draft the article itself by synthesizing relevant videos, articles, and ideas. Is there anything AI can’t do?

The Human Touch

Bonus points if you guessed “human type things.”

While sifting through endless seas of data in a nanosecond and writing a SWOT analysis in medieval English are undoubtedly impressive feats, there’s a danger that AI distracts us from developing critical people-based skills in communicating and behaving.

The values that sit at the heart of the business analysis role—kindness, integrity, courage, and perseverance, to name a few—should not be taken for granted, especially when shiny new toys make them seemingly obsolete or secondary.

Continue reading in The Human Element: Cultivating Character to Foster Courage, Confidence, and Community.

Not every business analysis professional has purchased a ticket for the AI hype train. Some are cautiously waiting to see where it goes before climbing aboard, an approach that certainly has merit.

Just ask the author of When Automation Isn’t the Solution, who makes the case that automation shouldn’t be automatic. Businesses looking to optimize their processes should allow stakeholders the flexibility to simply do nothing or leave processes untouched indefinitely.

Join the Conversation

Now that you’ve got a handle on the basics of AI, take your learning even further at our upcoming Building Business Capability conference.

With several sessions exploring the role of AI in today’s organizations—as well as effective communication, agility, idea management, and more—the conference provides the ideal environment to network, share, and learn from your peers about the current business climate.

And if you’d like to experience firsthand the power of AI, visit IIBA’s KnowledgeHub and try our new AI assistant tool—a member-only chat feature that provides AI-generated responses aligned with globally recognized standards in business analysis.

The tool is still in beta mode, so we welcome your feedback on this exciting new addition to our website.

Get your seven-day free trial of IIBA’s KnowledgeHub today and explore the new AI assistant feature. Not a member? Join today and unlock your career potential.   

About the Author
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Robert McClements is the Communications and Media Relations Specialist at IIBA. With over six years of communications experience at non-governmental organizations, he contributes to IIBA’s marketing and communications efforts in support of the business analysis profession and community. Residing in his hometown of Montreal, Robert enjoys spending time with his family, listening to music, and reading.   

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