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Understanding The Impactful Role of Business Analysis in an Organization

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Business strategies are notoriously difficult to get right, and business analysis is an excellent tool towards developing a successful plan for an organization. How can you use business analysis to make an impact in 2022?   


Hiring a business analysis professional not only enhances the company's operations but also simplifies interactions with customers.


Working as a business analysis professional doesn’t essentially mean you hold the title of ‘Business Analyst’ but means it’s your responsibility to help the company save money while delivering better outcomes. In this blog, we’ll review the key role a business analysis professional plays in enhancing the company's operations and simplifying interactions with customers.

The responsibilities of the business analysis professional

  • The Responsibility: Explain the objectives of the project and simplify the business requirements of stakeholders and sponsors. Develop an effective project communication system. 
    • What is the business analysis professional’s role? Collect accurate data and analyse customer, employee, and user information related to the technology used.
    • The impact: Every domain needs business analysis to develop and communicate the right solution. Whether it's banking, telecommunications, software jobs, or pharmaceuticals. They are used in consulting companies to provide business-related solutions for client companies. 
  • The Responsibility: Study various business-related problems and work hard to find solutions. This work also includes functional and system analysis. 
    • What is the business analysis professional’s role? Collect and record the requirements needed by the business and deliver them to the information technology department.
    • The impact: Often, there is a gap between the understanding of the business needs and how technology can provide a solution. The business analysis professional is the common link between the information department and the company.
  • The Responsibility: Understand the specific needs of the organisation and find reliable technical solutions for them. 
    • What is the business analysis professional’s role? Explain the terms of the project and simplify the relationship between the IT department and the company. The business analysis professional will collect accurate information on employees and users related to the human resources department (what personnel would this project have?) and related technologies.
    • The impact: An effective project communication system considers various business possibilities and anticipated threats.

What is expected in the role of the business analysis professional? 

Am I a good fit? 

To work in business analysis, you should have the ability to work with end-users to know their needs while having the technical expertise to know whether a user request is feasible. Your job is to review the company's internal processes, people, and investments and determine the actual performance in the area being analysed and possible potential performance. You are accountable for solutions that meet established needs and it’s an important part of your job to assess the project after implementation.

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Business analysis professionals inspect and comprehend business problems and propose solutions to business stakeholders. Business process modelling increases the value of projects by making sure that technical solutions meet business requirements. They are usually degree-educated, and many have related work experience and vocational skills, possibly as part of a combination course.

Professional Development Resources

IIBA’s KnowledgeHub is also a good place to help support your career as a new business analyst or someone who may be looking to advance their career. The KnowledgeHub provides instant online access to the BABOK® Guide, plus community-driven content, such as relevant “how do I” scenarios, videos, tips, tools, and templates that can be applied to everyday business analysis practices. Take a tour of the KnowledgeHub in this overview video.



When you are ready to start looking for your first or next job IIBA’s career centre is a good place to find interesting articles, job postings, and other resources to help you get started. Other job sites include Indeed, Workopolis, networking on LinkedIn, WhatJobs, and many others.  

Trends to Advance Your Career 

Business analysis is a necessary part of developing a successful plan in an organization and will only grow with time. IIBA's 2021 Global State of Business Analysis Report (GSBA) states "As organizations pivot to rethink, refocus, and re-strategize, the role of business analysis is shifting to more emphasis on strategy with 55% of respondents reporting they are now involved in the strategy process." In larger organisations, this will involve Senior Business Analysts and Junior Business Analysts. Find trends to grow and advance your career in the 2021 GSBA.  


About The Author:
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