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Top Tweet Tips


Yes, I like how that sounds.

With the largest gathering of Business Analysts under one roof happening this week (the BBC Conference, in case you didn’t get the reference), I thought I would share a few quick tips to improve your live tweeting.

Live tweeting, when done right, can be a rewarding way to engage with the Twitterverse.



Here are 8 tips to keep in mind when you’re tweeting at your next conference:

1. Use the right hashtag(s). 

Most events have a specific hashtag (like #BBCCon). By using the right hashtag, your tweet will be added to the overall conversation under that specific hashtag. It’ll also make your tweet more searchable! Search up the event’s hashtag, see the other “unofficial” hashtags the community uses and consider using those too, if relevant.


2. Inform your followers – beforehand!

Be polite and give your Twitter followers a heads up before you live tweet. That’ll give them the chance to tune out... or tune in (if they’re interested in the event)!


3. Don’t be boring!

If you have access to “behind-the-scenes action, share it or offer your personal insights – or better still, get your followers’ thoughts on a topic/subject/item.


4. Retweet others.

You’re not the only one at this event. So yes, be nice, and retweet others especially when the content is relevant to you. It’s definitely a good idea to set up a stream on your Twitter dashboard or create a saved search on Twitter of the event’s hashtag. That way, it’ll be a lot easier to engage with the larger conversation.


5. What’s so special?

There’ll be unique moments at the event, for sure. Was there an impromptu debate? The final game-winning moments? That one popular song? That whimsical décor? Take a picture of it and share it with the community! Don’t forget the hashtag!


6. Take pictures!

A picture paints a thousand words (and yeah, even more so with Twitter’s tiny character limit). Take plenty of photos at your event, and don’t forget to add context to the picture – on the body of your tweet (who is it, what’s it about).


7. Include Twitter handles when quoting

If you are quoting someone in your tweet, find and include their Twitter handle. This will give them proper credit, help you start a conversation, and might help your tweet gain more eyeballs. But don’t go tagging the whole Twitterverse!


8. Follow other tweeters

This is great for networking post-event. It’s almost the new business card!

These tips, of course, are not specific to just the BBC Conference but you’ll find it helpful (I hope!) for any conference (or concert?) you attend.

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About the Author

Rosalyn eats, lives and breathes social media. With more than 7 years of experience in the field of social media, working in different industries from hospitality to beauty and accounting, she joined IIBA in 2018 as our resident social media guru. She’s happy to do “wefies” with you at conferences – so if you do see her at a conference – say hi and then say cheese!